15 MAC Lipsticks For NC 50 Skintone



15 MAC Lipsticks for NC 50 Skintone

Hey girls, how about some Mac lippy compilation today? It is not just any MAC compilation, today it is all about Mac NC 50 skintones.

Mac makes it very easy by coding the skintones and I totally adore this format of MAC, and am sure you too feel the same. And here at wiseshe, we are trying it to make it even easier for you, with NC 50 skintones, to chose lipsticks.

Without any further delay, have a look at the 15 shades of MAC Lipsticks which are very apt for MAC NC 50 skintones:

MAC Retro Matte Relentlessly Red Lipstick 


MAC Retro Matte Relentlessly Red Lipstick Review Shade+red lip stick


Price: Hiked to INR 1450

This is a very gorgeous and eye catching shade of red or rather should I say a blend of coral and red with hints of pink color.
The matte texture is perfect and does not dry out lips or make lips look flaky. The incredible pigmentation gives opaque coverage in a single swipe and it stays for some %-6 hours without fading.

MAC Lipstick Russian Red

MAC Lipstick Russian Red


Price: Hiked to INR 1450

This is a deep warm red with some blue undertones but it does not look odd darker – medium skintones. Russian Red instantly brighten the face and the adorable Creamy matte texture is a cherry on the cake. Gives opaque coverage in a single swipe and the lipsticks lasts for some amazing 6+ hours.

MAC Chilli Lipstick

MAC Chilli Lipstick Review product+red mac lipstick


Price: Hiked to INR 1450

This is a perfect shade of red with hints of orange and has a matte texture. The matte texture is nothing over and does feel uncomfortable on lips or any extreme drying of lips. It is heavenly pigmented which demands a single swipe for an opaque coverage.
The lipstick easily stays on lips for some 4-5 hours.

Mac Satin Lipstick in Mac Red

Mac Red Satin Lipstick


Price: Hiked to INR 1450

It is a blue toned red and is an easy shade to be carried effortlessly by both warm and cool toned people. This bright colored lippy works perfectly to brighten the face. Since this lippy belongs to the MAC satin family, it has creamy texture and gives a glossy finish for some time post application. Stays for an effortless 5—6 hours and is richly pigmented to give opaque coverage.

Mac Satin Lipstick in Retro

MAC Retro Lipstick


Price: Hiked to INR 1450

MAC describes this shade as a muted peachy pink shade of brown. It has creamy texture and glides like butter on lips. The heavy color pigments allow a single swipe for even application and opaque coverage. The lipsticks stays for 4-5 hours after which it slightly begins to fade off leaving soft pink tint behind.

MAC Lipstick In Craving

MAC Craving lipstick review + mac craving


Price: Hiked to INR 1450

Craving is a rich, deep plum pink in color. This lippy is from the amplified cream finish, thus it is very creamy and moisturizing too & does not settle in lip lines.
The heavy pigments give full coverage to pigmented lips in a single swipe and it stays on lips for 4 hours or so.

MAC Viva Glam 1 Lipstick


MAC Viva Glam1 Lipstick Review+mac lip stick


Price: Hiked to INR 1450

Viva Glam 1 is a classic dark shade that gives those perfect statement lips and the velvety texture outstands this lippy from the rest. Just an effortless single swipe on lips and you are ready to rock the show.

MAC So Chaud Lipstick


MAC So Chaud Lipstick Review Product+mac red lipstick


Price: Hiked to INR 1450

So Chaud is an intense reddish orange shade and has matte texture, which is very forgiving on lips and does not dry them out. The lipstick applies evenly without any tugging or pulling and gives opaque coverage in single swipe. This shade stays for really longs hours i.e., an incredible 6-7 hours of stay.

MAC Matte Lipstick Lady Danger


MAC Lady Danger


Price: Hiked to INR 1450

This is an orangey red shade and has a creamy texture which aids in smooth application. It is intensely pigmented and stays easily for 6 hours.

MAC Up The Amp Lipstick


MAC Up the amp lipstick swatches


Price: Hiked to INR 1450

It is a pinkish – lavender shade and works well even for extremely pigmented lips just in a single swipe. It is superbly creamy in texture since it is from MAC amplified range .
This lippy stays for some 5 hours and will leave a tint behind after meals, the tint stays for another 1 hour.

MAC Girl About Town Lipstick


MAC Girl about town lipstick+mac hot pink lipsticks+MAC lipstick girl about town +lips


It is a fuchsia shade and has a highly creamy texture and gives a glossy finish for few hours post application and afterwards it settles to a matte finish.
This shade is incredibly pigmented and a single swipe is all that you need for even coverage on lips. The lipsticks stays for six hours including meals.

MAC Retro Matte Ruby Woo Lipstick


MAC Retro Matte Ruby Woo Lipstick Review Bullet+lip stick


Price: Hiked to INR 1450

It is the most popular red shade from MAC and has a matte texture. The texture can be a bit drying and is not ideal for dry lips.
The lippy lacks nowhere in the pigmentation department and gives opaque coverage in a single swipe.

MAC Satin Lipstick Rebel


MAC Satin Rebel


Price: Hiked to INR 1450

Rebel is a bright plum berry shade and sets to s glossy finish after it is applied. The creamy texture and awesome color pigments makes this lippy a total winner. It stays for some 4-5 hours and after which leaves a tint behind, the tint too stays on till the time you remove it with a makeup remover.

MAC Matte Dangerous Lipstick


MAC Dangerous on indian skin


Price: Hiked to INR 1450

It is a bright orange lipstick with heavy red – orange undertones. The texture is fine and the pigmentation is a total winner and does not demand for layering to get even coverage on pigmented lips.

MAC Film Noir Lipstick


MAC Film Noir Lipstick


Film Noir is a warm toned very Intense shade of brown. It has a creamy texture and a single swipe gives you opaque coverage. The lipstick stays easily for some 4-5 hours.

These were some MAC lipsticks that will suit NC 50 skintones very well. I hope you people like them too.

Have you tried any of these MAC lipsticks?

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  1. All shades are damn pretty, just the price pinches my pocket a lot, it was in feb they increased the price to 1190 and then again 1450 omg, I think i wud better have to be happy with my loreal moist matte lipsticks 🙂

  2. It was expected now that all the brands are hiking prices as if they are nothing less than MAC then why will MAC be left behind ..


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