15 Miss Claire Aqua Rouge Lipsticks Swatches | Affordable Lipsticks In India


15 Miss Claire Aqua Rouge Lipsticks Swatches | Affordable Lipsticks In India

Hello Everyone, So I hope you already checked out the Miss Claire Lipstick Haul and now I am here, as promised, to show you the stunning swatches of all the 15 lipsticks I got from the range of 49 lipsticks! 🙂 Have a look at the 15 Miss Claire Aqua Rouge Lipsticks Swatches | Affordable Lipsticks In India

miss claire lipsticks in India

The shades I picked up are really some of the most wearable shades for the Indian skin tones! Also Miss Claire has a range of the best affordable cosmetics and are really very good for budget buyers and college teens or anyone who is beginner in makeup and wants to first try out the budget-friendly options available and then move on to the high-end products! 🙂

miss claire lipstick haul

About Miss Claire Aqua Rouge Lipsticks | Affordable Lipsticks In India

A lipstick that provides a pop of brilliant color, While leaving your lips buttery soft? Sign us up! Available in a variety of hues, This range of lippies is hypoallergenic, And glides on easily, Leaving a perfectly glossy finish If you’re looking for a lipstick that provides bold, Impactful colour, Is packed with moisturizing elements and glides on smoothly for a lustrous finish, This is the product for you!

miss claire lipsticks india

Available in classic and fun shades, This lipstick should be an immediate addition to your makeup bag, Work tote, And evening clutch.


  • Smooth, Glide on formula
  • Creamy and intensely pigmented formula
  • Silky, Luminous finish
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Available in pure, Vibrant colours

miss claire aqua rouge lipsticks in India

Price: INR 165 for 3.5g

Shelf Life: These lipsticks have a shelf life of 2 years.

Packaging: These lipsticks are housed in a black opaque bullet and the base is transparent with the shade filled in it so that you can look at the shade without opening the bullet! The shade name is not given and all the shades are given numbers which is mentioned on the cap as well as the lipstick base!

miss claire lipsticks shade

Ingredients: Mentioned on the bullet itself!

Miss Claire Aqua Rouge Lipsticks Swatches

miss claire aqua rouge lipsticks

Well, I really loved the swatches of these beautiful lipstick shades and am glad that I picked up shades which will suit almost all the Indian skin tones from fair complexions to medium skin tones!

Shade Names:

best miss claire lipsticks

301, 302, 310, 312, 314

miss claire lipsticks to wear

301:301 is mainly a muted plum shade with light purple hints to it!

302: 302 is a true bright red shade with warm undertones.The shade looks super hot in the swatch!

miss claire lipstick for all skin tones

310: This is a light cool toned nude shade with cool plum undertones!

312: 312 is an absolute favorite of mine because I love pink shades! This is a bright bubblegum pink shade perfect for spring summers! 🙂 Brightens the skin tone! 🙂

miss claire lipsticks for indian skin tone

314: It is a lovely nude-brown shade which is great to wear everyday! Also a lovely MLBB shade for medium & fair skin tones!

Shade Names:

miss claire lipstick best shades

327, 329, 333, 342, 345

miss claire lipstick shades for wheatish skin

327: 327 is mainly a earthy brown shade with nude hints to it! Apt for all skin tones.

329: 329 is yet another beautiful pink shade which is slightly cool toned and looks very beautiful in the swatches! Perfect for all the skin tones!

miss claire lipstick swatches

333: It is a cool toned nude shade and perfect MLBB for medium & deeper skin tones!

342: A cool toned deep red shade which looks really tempting!

miss claire lipstick swatch

344: The shade 344 is another beautiful nude-pink shade which looks really pretty on applying & also a perfect everyday wear nude shade!

miss claire India shades

345, 348, 349, 350, 351

miss claire lipsticks for Indian skin

345: The shade 345 is mainly a bright orange based red shade which is great for all the skin tones!

348: The shade 348 is a true tangy orange shade which is highly pigmented!

miss claire lipsticks red shades

349: The shade is a bright warm toned orange shade which is more suitable for the fairer skin tones!

350: This shade is almost similar to the shade 348 except that this one is a little less brighter!

miss claire lipstick reds swatches

Shade 351: Another red shade with deep orange undertones making it suitable for all the Indian skin tones!

I hope you like these lipsticks swatches! I will start reviewing these lipsticks very soon after trying the shades one by one! 🙂

Have you tried Miss Claire Aqua Rouge Lipsticks Swatches | Affordable Lipsticks In India before?


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