15 Puff Hairstyles


15 Puff Hairstyles


Big hair is really big these days. It has been in trend for quite sometime. Staying IN with this trend can be a little tough as you need to tolerate a lot of pain in your arms while teasing ;-). But we can do anything to look trendy, what’s a little pain?

So pretty girls! Take out your teasing tools and get down to work. Pick hairstyles from these pretty looks-

Simple Pony


perfect puff hairstyles

Yes this is a very simple ponytail with side parting and fringes. You can add glamour to your look by making a puff on the crown of your head.

Big and Puffy


bouffant hairstyles

This hairstyle is super rocking. You will need a lot of teasing and texturizing before you get this look. This is a sure head-turner and super hot.

Puffy bun


puff hairstyle bun
Buns are elegant and go with almost every outfit. Try this look with lots of volume and you will surely love it.

Puff up


bouffant hairstyle

A small puff on the front of head makes you look taller and also elongates your face. It is great if you have round face. Add some curls to look even better.

Foxy Pony


high puff ponytail

Sorry for the cheesy title 😛 but Megan rocks this ponytail so well. Hair have been teased in front and the hair in the pony have been curled. Total glam.

Go High


celebrity puff hairstyle

PC went the Kim Kardashian way with this high hairdo. The results are amazing. One of Priyanka’s superb looks.

Princess Roll


beautiful puff hairstyle

This hairstyle is so easy to do with a thin elastic hair band. To make your look even more princess-y, add some volume on the crown.




beautiful puff hairstyles

Puffs ARE retro. This hairstyle is a great way to add definition to your face. But always remove the frizz and add shine to your hair before doing this hairdo.



puff hairstyles

This is simple. Just tease at the crown or insert a bump-it. Leave your hair open and accessorize the bouffant with a pretty chain or tiara.

Simply Chic


puff hairstyle

Start teasing every nook and corner of your head :-P. Make a simple braid and you are ready to rock. This is a lot of work but the results will be worth it.

Bridal Bun


best puff hairstyle

This bouffant bun is an ideal choice for brides. Even if you are not a bride, you can sport this style at a cocktail event.

Pretty Tails


best puff hairstyles

I’m sure that you can do this one. The puff is very low and the braid simple. Deepika carries this hairstyle well so will you.

Pulled back ponytail


puff hairstyles best

The take on puffed up, messy ponytail is very different here. Most of the volume is on back and the pony is not big. Chic!

Crown Up


perfect puff hairstyle

Add some volume on your crown with a teasing brush and clip the ear-sections under it. If you have thick bangs, good. If you dont, still good.

Braid and Pony


puff hairstyle best

This is a cute combination of braid, ponytail and puff. This is so girlie and awesome. Love it totally.

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  1. this is fun to see. but i can never dare to.. i had a teacher wile in school, she used to come with a big puff and a pony behind every day…. not a single day she missed…

  2. When I big chopped, I wore a lot of hair accessories, jewelry and even a little make up. I did so to ‘compensate’ for having SHORT HAIR that I no longer had to spend a lot of time styling the way I did with long relaxed hair. It gave me something fun and yet feminine to do in place of doing hairstyles. It also helped me ‘compensate’ with all the negatively I initially received from family and friends for going natural. I did it to enhance my hair, not apologize for it.


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