15 Rangoli Designs For This Diwali


15 Rangoli Designs For This Diwali


The festival of lights is inseparable from Rangoli designs in our country. Rangolis are considered propitious and are believd to bring good fortune. In South India rangolis are designed daily but in northern parts, we ususally make rangolis on festivals.

Diwali decorations always have rangoli designs. I used to make rangoli every year before I got married. Now we have bought a few stencils and powder-colours which are used by Mr. Husband to make rangolis on Diwali 😛

If you also want to make a rangoli at your home then these designs can come handy to inspire you. I have tried to include easy designs so that everyone can let their creativity out.


diwali rangoli designs (2)

This design has Lord Ganesh in the centre and is apt for Diwali decoration. The combination of green and red with multiple colours is eye catching. Try this auspicious design for the festival.


diwali rangoli designs (3)

Floral rangolis are beautiful and will also keep your home fragrant. For this design, you don’t even need to break many flowers into petals. Just colour-coordinate some flowers and arrange them as you like.



Paisley designs are also  quite popular in Indian culture. Bright colourful paisleys are looking so beautiful and the accompanying diya-patterns are complimenting them well.


diwali rangoli designs (5)

This is another way of making floral rangoli design this Diwali. It needs a little work as you need to collect a lot of flower petals. You can make such rangoli in small size also with well arranged petals.


diwali rangoli designs (6)

This is bright popping rangoli design. An ‘Om’ is the central design and a lot of diyas are on the outermost circle. Diyas, sacred Om and eye-catching colours, quite creative.




If you are not into intricate patterns then try your hand at this easy to create rangoli design this Diwali. To avoid a lot of work, place a flower bowl in the centre and outline with flowers and oil lamps.


diwali rangoli designs (8)

Rangolis in square shape are less common compared to round designs. Designer diyas look very different and give a new look to rangoli. Try some colourful oil lamps.


diwali rangoli designs (9)

This design makes good use of optical illusion. If you are artistic and have a lot of time to spend in decorating your house then this can be used. It has fantastic use of colours.


diwali rangoli designs (10)

Got only a corner to decorate? Pick this pattern and every corner of your house will be boasting of beauty. Creative use of spaces is what this design shows us.


diwali rangoli designs (11)

This is an easy round design. Drawing the perfect circle does need some effort but once it is in place, rest of the pattern will not take much time.


diwali rangoli designs (12)

Well, this one is simple. It also shows that perfection is not always needed to decorate your house beautifully. Lotus is an auspicious flower and this rangoli makes good use of it.



Now this is a great combination of geometry and creativity. This has beautiful placement of colours and lavender shade has been used to add some more dimension to the rangoli.




Our national bird peacock is considered auspicious and here it has been drawn with Lord Ganesha.  The brightness of this rangoli is sure to make the atmosphere of your house even more festive.




This one is another way to design a square shaped rangoli! If you are not sure of your artistic skills then this easy design can be a good start. You jsut have to draw lotuses and some easy flower and leaf patterns. Go for it!


diwali rangoli designs (1)

Finally! If you are too busy or plain lazy, buy some readymade rangoli pieces and arrange them to make the perfect rangoli. You can also try rangoli stickers or stencils.

Do you know to make rangoli designs?

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  1. Wow stunning designs.. Good work Maitri :yes:
    this year I will be making the corner one as I have a naughty pet back home who will surely attempt to unknowingly spoil my work!! :-p


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