15 Reasons Why We Should Use Oil In Beauty & Skin Care


15 Reasons Why We Should Use Oil In Beauty & Skin Care


Essential oil is related to beauty and skin care from medieval times when there were no cosmetics available and women used to enhance their natural beauty with the use of the readily available natural products and their essence.

With the advent of technological advancements in the present time, there is a great range of cosmetic products available but still the magic potion in the form of essential oils is believed to have a number of benefits for human skin and beauty.


essential oil


So, what is so good in these oils that people still prefer to use them for maintaining their beautiful and healthy skin? Well, this post answers the same query about oils for beauty and skincare purposes.

Essential oils

Essential oils are basically the concentrated extracts of some botanical ingredients which are known to possess a number of beneficial properties. Essential oils are fit to be used for beauty & skincare purpose in association with a base or carrier oil which allows the essential oil to penetrate properly on the skin. Essential oils can be easily included in the daily routine by including it in the cleansers and toners.


neem essential oil


Importance of Oil in Beauty & Skincare

  • While a number of lotions and other synthetic laboratory prepared creams are available these days, essential oil proves to be a cheap and more efficient method of achieving beautiful complexion and healthy skin.
  • Essential oils are non-chemical in nature and nurture the skin a safe way without the fear of having side effects or allergies.
  • The increasing numbers of women who swear for essential oil usage are a proof that it is really a step ahead than the popular topical creams available in the market.
  • These essential oils, being aromatic in nature, relieve the body from several other problems like body aches, mental stress etc. and soothe the senses of the body.
  • Unlike, topical creams and formulations which need to be changed in accordance with the weather and climatic changes, essential oils don’t need any revival as they are perfect to be used on the skin in any type of climate.
  • There are so many targeted functions that the topical creams fail to act upon, but because of the concentrated form of herbal & aromatic extracts in essential oils, they are best suited for those problems.
  • Essential oils are very useful in maintaining the youthful look and radiance of the skin without the use of a number of products on the skin which may have an adverse effect on the skin in the later part of life.


essential oils


  • The effects of essential oils are progressive and are long lived that don’t vanish if the usage is discontinued after a period of time.
  • Essential oils tend to make the skin healthy and penetrate to the deeper layers of the skin to do the needful from inside and not just the upper layer.
  • Essential oils are naturally rich in beneficial compounds which are difficult to prepare in laboratory, so using them will have the added benefits.
  • The essence of plants and herbs are anti-inflammatory which naturally heal problematic skin and nourishes them.
  • Women with sensitive skin are the most loyal followers of essential oils, in their routine, as they cannot experiment with the creams and other preparations due to sensitivity issues.
  • Oils are perfect for the daily beauty routine and may serve more than one purpose in the most effective way, as they can replace the cleanser or toner very easily and results would be stunningly beautiful for the skin.
  • Oils are known to combat various beauty and skincare needs like moisturizing, nourishing, replenishing, and anti-aging purposes which the synthetically prepared formulations can’t do alone.

 Do you use essential oils in your beauty and skin care?

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  1. I love using oils on my face, hair & body. I cant get enough of natural oils 🙂
    My favs are, face- lavender oil (perfect for acne).
    Hair- Olive & almond oil
    Body- Jojoba Oil.
    Very nicely written dear <3

    • Thanks Dear…yeah I know your love for essential oils..! :-))
      For hair I too use Olive oil from years..!
      And for the body I prefer sesame seed oil..!

    • Thnaks Nivanya..yeah that reminds me about your suggestion to write an article on Lavender oil..! I remember it..it will happen soon..! :-))

  2. I do use them for hair and on face as oil cleansing method, but I am looking forward to try them as face serums as well, thanks for shedding light on them :))

    • Yeah use it in the evening time Nausheen..:-))
      Yess I agree Coconut oil is a great option for women with sensitive skin..!

  3. i d not get hair washed without oiling them , my favourite is almond and sesame oil. wil try some on my skin soon 🙂

  4. I have been reading so much about oils in skin care, it is high time I start incorporating them in my routine.. thanks for sharing this information dear 🙂

  5. after reading this i tried using equal quantities of castor + olive + almond .
    i skipped using moisturiser at night , my skin was not dry ( i have combination skin bordering towards dry )
    i have to buy essential oil 🙂

  6. i used to love essential oils in my skin care routine..though work and university assignments keeps me sooo busy that i have forgotten the last time i applied a face pack… 🙁
    Anyway, great post as usual Ira…


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