15 Romantic Flicks To Watch This Valentine’s Eve


15 Romantic Flicks To Watch This Valentine’s Eve

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day? Mine is to stay at home and be with my husband. To be true, it’s my favorite way of spending time with him. Even if you are planning to go out on V-Day, make sure that you spend a few hours cuddled up with your man. You can watch a romantic movie as well like many other couples in love. These are my favorite Romantic Flicks To Watch This Valentine’s Eve-

Jab We Met

jab we met

I had to start the list with my favorite Hindi film. The movie doesn’t take the course of the usual romcoms. I really love Aditya Kashyap. He is the kind of man that any girl will be lucky to have.

Hum Tum

hum tum

Whenever the two protagonists meet, something weird happens! The love is not instant in this movie and brews slowly. The little misunderstanding at the end might baffle you but rest assured, the movie is awesome.



If you do not what this abbreviation means then you don’t deserve to be called romantic. Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge is an iconic movie. Raj and Simran are the perfect lovers.



I can forgive you if you do not understand this one. Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak was the movie that made Amir Khan famous. I watched this movie 3 years ago even though its quite old. This movie shows innocent love that’s really deep.



I am talking about the one with SRK in it as I have watched only that. It’s a classic. The dialogues will tug the strings of your heart. The movie has a sad end but you will still like it.

2 States

2 states

Regardless of your liking for the book, the movie is a must watch. I like the book as well as the movie. The longing of Ananya and Krish for each other is shown beautifully.

Veer Zara

veer zaara

This is love, Yash Chopra style! The cross-border love story of Veer and Zara is happy, sad and sweet. The movie is shot beautifully and you can watch it just for the scale on which it is made. The beauty of the movie lies in small details.



It’s a teenage romance! Rishi Kapoor and Dimple Kapadia look really cute in this one. It’s a sweet, simple love story that will win your heart with its innocence.

When Harry Met Sally

when harry met sally

Hum Tum is said to be inspired by this classic romantic movie. Harry and Sally meet and separate, again meet and fight and finally to get together. Their philosophies towards life are different but how they still come together is a lovely tale.

50 First Dates

50 First Dates

Adam Sandler does something in this movie that only world’s best lover can do. His character, Henry falls in love with Lucy, a girl with Short Term Memory Loss. He meets her daily but she thinks that this is their first meeting. The best part is that Henry manages to woo Lucy everyday.

Love Actually

Love Actually

This is one of my all-time favorites! Oh, and I love Hugh Grant however old he may be. There are so many love stories in this movie and you will fall in love again after watching them. The movie has many amazing moments but Hugh Grant’s clandestine dance is my favorite.

This Means War

This Means War

The name of the movie seems apt for an action flick but it’s more than that. Reese Witherspoon is dating more than one guy at the same time in this film but to understand more, you need to watch it.

Notting Hill

notting hill

Maybe I love this movie because of Hugh Grant or maybe it’s superb. It’s the love story of a bookstore owner with a big actress. This seems like a dream but the movie makes it appear possible.



Shrek is a fairy tale that has two unconventional looking people falling in love with each other. It’s an animated movie but is not just for kids. It has the message of love which is for everyone.

Before Sunrise

Before Sunrise

A movie that shows the story of one day in the lives of two people is a cine-lovers delight. Celine and Jesse come from two different worlds but form a beautiful bond in a matter of hours. Watch it for the beauty of Vienna as well. Follow it up with the sequels Before Sunset and Before Midnight.

Which of these are on your wish list this month of love?

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