15 Street Wear & Colorbar Nail Paint Swatches


By Ashu,

Hello ladies,
I am not much into cosmetics, though I am developing interest now. So I am a newbie in that area. But I have this crazy fascination for nail paints. Whenever I go shopping I have to check out new shades. Let me stop here for a moment and clarify that I am not into high end brands for nail paints companies.

The craziness which I have for getting as many as nail paints possible, I’ll end up bankrupt very soon.In the cost of one nail paint from a very expensive brand, I can get 3-4 nail paints in a good enough brand like color bar.I mainly get color bar, Revlon, Elle 18, street wear. But my mania happens in phases so right now I am in color bar phase.

Nail paints swatches+colorbar+streetwear+lakme

As you must have understood from the photo, I am a huge browns fan. Actually i happened to have collected similar shades in all the brands (my bad…but u know how the shade feels totally different in the store…. ) and recently did a massive cleanup i.e. was forced by my mum  to give the shades to my friends (sob… sob…) . So I did to make some room for new ones.


colorbar nail paint streetwear

My street wear nail paint collection


street wear nail paint rose shade 29 swatches

Now coming to the nail paints (sorry for the way I have painted nails. Was in a hurry in applying and then clicking and then removing. ):

  • Street Wear Copper charisma is very coppery ( duh…) and metallic finish. Perfect for a party.

  • Street wear Peach divine  is pinkish kinda peach. Very casual

  • Street wear Chocolate divine is a yummy pinkish chocolate shade.

  • Street Wear Rose shade is a wow shade which looks awesome on my wheatish skin. I usually apply it on Mondays to feel little cheery!!!!


5 street wear nail paint swatches


  • Colorbar Crystal red is metallic orangey red , which looks chatak matak on my hands. I use it when I have to annoy my brother (advice: put two coats and then keep flashing your nails in front of the person to be annoyed. My bro got so irritated that he gave me money to get another one. Ha ha ).
  • Colorbar Valentine is an awesome, lovely shade. I totally love this. It’s a rich dark maroon shade which looks wow on my hands.
  • Colorbar Chocolate is “I dipped my hands in hot chocolate” kinda shade. lovely
  • Colorbar Coffee reminds of  very strong , steaming cup of coffee.


street wear crystal red shade 59 swatches, street wear valentine shade 02 swatches, street wear chocolate shade 17 swatches, street wear coffe shade 15 swatches,

  • Colorbar Fudge is just like the ice-cream Chocó fudge, which is mood uplifting (yum…) it’s a lighter brownExclusive is a shade from limited edition. It’s a nude kind of shade. Very light brown. Lovely color. Will flatter all skin tones.
  • Colorbar Brandy is dirty kind brown, which will look awesome on fair skin
  • Colorbar Plum cherry is a lovely brown with hints of pink.


colorbar nail paintfudge 016 swatches,  colorbar nail paint exclusive swatches, colorbar brandy nail paint swatches, colorbar plum cherry nail paint swatches,

  • Street wear Berry divine is a burnt orange kind of shade.
  • Coloressence Really rose had very fine silver shimmer in it. Lovely sand colored shade
  • Coloressence Vintage gold is awesome like its name. a very nice brown with fine golden shimmer.


street wear berry divine 15 nail paint swatches,  street wear really rose 15 coloressence swatches, street wear vintage gold ss5 coloressence swatches,


So this is my current collection. Am totally satisfied with all the shades except the crystal red. Right now am planning for a total shopping ban on brown shades for a month at least. Can u lovely ladies suggest some other shades (if along with the shade code. That’ll be awesome) to experiment upon. See you soon with some other colors next time.



  1. Where do you buy Street Wear nail polish? I am down to one color (silver) that I bought over 5 years ago and it’s not dried out and still my favorite. I’d love to get more, but never see it anywhere and had assumed it wasn’t being made anymore.


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