25 Swatches Of MAC Surf Baby Collection



What I wanted to pick –

  • Hibiscus Lipstick  – I definitely wanted Hibiscus lipstick which was sold out on the very first day :(.
  • MAC Surf USA (a teal green eye shadow) was something which I was looking for and fortunately got it for my self.
  • MAC My Paradise cheek powder – MAC Hyderabad store had four pieces of this but they had not listed it in their system.I will be getting it next time as I have got it booked there :mrgreen:
What I already have
  • MAC Krazy Kahuna lip glass- A medium brown opaque lip glass which will suit Indian warm skin tone from fair to medium.I just love to wear it  on every day basis .
  • MAC Surf baby Bust out lipstick – A beautiful purplish pink which is going to suit warm as well as cool skin tone.Most of the time I do not prefer these kind of shades as they make me look old but this one didn’t.Pigmentation of this shade can be built up which makes it easier for me to wear it during the day as well as night.
  • MAC Swell Baby – If you want to pick one shade form this collection then I will definitely recommend MAC Surf USA .Swell baby is good to have but these kind of shades can be found in refills also so not a must have .


 MAC Surf Baby Lipsticks

  • MAC Surf baby Bust out  – Read detail review here.
  • MAC Surf  baby Naturally Eccentric – It’s a nude shade which is sheer and is going to wash out most.
  • MAC Surf baby Mocha – Mocha is a creamy peachy brown shade which is opaque and will go well on warm skin tone .It’s glides easily too.
  • MAC Hibiscus – This shade is one of the most hyped shade.Unfortunately I don’t have its swatch for you but if its still available in your MAC outlet then do give it a try.It’s a reddish coral  shade.My blogger friend managed to grab it.You can check the shade on her blog here.

MAC Surf baby lipstick bust out swatches,  MAC Surf baby lipstick hibiscus swatches,  MAC Surf baby lipstick mocha swatches,  MAC Surf baby lipstick naturally eccentric swatches,

MAC Surf Baby  Lipglass(Rs950)

  • Girl on Board– It’s white gloss with lots of shimmer in it.Definitely not a shade which most of us would like to have.
  • Good Lovin’ – It’s a beige shade with pink tint.
  • Krazy Kahuna.- Loved it .
  • Strange potion – It’s a nude pink shade with slight coral  undertones.It’s going to go well on blue skin tones.It’s not as pigmented as it looks and might come out sheer when applied on the lips.

MAC Surf baby lipglass Girl on Board , MAC Surf baby lipglass Good Lovin, MAC Surf baby lipglass Krazy Kahuna, MAC Surf baby lipglass Strange Potion

  • MAC Surf Baby Blue Neon Pencil (Rs950)– It’s a teal shade which I have glided 2-3 times here .
  • MAC Surf Baby Glided White – It’s a pigmented white eyeliner with golden sheen.It will come out lovely as  inner corner highlighter.

  • MAC Surf Baby sun tint lip balms Pink Tinge – It’s a shimmery  pink.
  • MAC Surf  Baby  sun tint  Lilt of lily – It’s a pink with more of white in it.
  • MAC Surf Baby Pink Tinge – A carnation pink shade and all the above three shades comes out sheer only.

Full of Grace,Lilt of Lily is a sheer, milky pink,Pink Tinge

  • MAC Surf Ocean Crushed Metallic Pigment Stack – Only shade which made me drool in this stack was the metallic yellow.It is such a pretty bridal yellow which will look amazing on any Indian bride to be.Sadly the stack is not sold individually here so I thought of skipping it out 🙁 MAC has not named the shades I am explaining the shades as what I could perceive from the swatches .

 Swatches( First shade is a mix of dark blue with black and hint of teal in it , dark yellow gold ,  third shade ( I was not able to swatch it correctly because it was too sheer), fourth shade is a white grey pigment with metallic finish.

MAC Surf the Ocean Crushed Metallic Pigment Stack Review, Photos, Swatches

  • MAC summer stash crushed metallic pigment  – I liked the above stack better than this one  may be because of versatility of colour.

(Shade LtoR) – Shimmery chocolate, Plum and rest too are white shades are white shade with metallic finish.

MAC Surf the Ocean Crushed Metallic Pigment Stack  Photos, Swatches

  • MAC Surf baby eyeshadow swatches(Price Rs 950) - For detail review and swatches of eye shadows click here.

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P.S- Swell baby, bust out & Krazy kahuna were sent by brand but it has no where affected my review.


  1. Zee…. I tell you we are soul sisters!!! 🙂
    I louwed strange potion and of course good lovin too… me want me want!!
    Btw I have to tell you girls… I got my first MAC :birthday-dance: :tap-dance:
    My fren (who was comin from dubai) picked it for me… Viva Glam VI :birthday-dance: :birthday-dance: I am yet to try it on… Sirf ek shubh occassion pe I can launch it…. Diwali come already 😀 😀


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