15 Sweater Styles For Fall Season


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Hope you are preparing yourself well for the approaching fall season. I am sure you are already keeping your eyes open towards the latest styles of sweaters you could try this season. I am on it for sure and I am sharing a few styles that I have shortlisted for myself this year. So, I thought to share them with you and have your views.

Fisherrman sweater


This one is a must if you want to live the chilled days with all your coziness. These sweaters protect you from your neck and are quite warm. You can choose from available patterns and these are definitely must to have specially if you are working and need to move out early in the morning.

A Sweater dress


This one is for those who like to put on dresses for a unique look. These sweater dresses are definitely warm and comfortable provided you cover yourself up and choose the right length. These are available from knee length to the ankle. These go well with the

A striped sweater


A must have yet again. This style is going to follow us to eternity it seems. The color white mostly with black but also coordinated with other colors is definitely seen to be most loved pattern.

A long sweater


These work great with leggings as well as denims and have been quite a rage since last few years. Much in trend I hope these will continue to last in our style books.

Long coat style sweater


These are cozier like a sweater and covering like a coat. These are a wonderful combination and look simply great with trousers

Plain white


White is the color of the snow and suits everyone fine. It is a must have.

High-neck Plain sweater


These are quite famous since always and you should have these in whites and blacks to ensure you have something for those lazy mornings.

Cosy knitted sweaters


Perfect wear for those really chilly mornings when you just have to get out of your home.

Cropped Sweater


For those who like it bold and for those who can afford to be bold. The sweater is definitely stylish to be worn alone or underneath a leather jacket.

Red Sweater


Red is definitely a color to have as it gives you the feeling that Christmas is nearing. The pure winter feeling comes with a red sweater. A must have as per me.

Ponchu Sweater


You can definitely try this year a poncho sweater, if you are yet to do this. With leather pants or your denims these make for a perfect winter wear.

Sweater vest


This one is definitely a style which can take you miles. You can afford to wear it at least on your day outings.

Knitwear Sweater


This one can never go out of style, what do you think? I am sure this would keep looking fab as much as it holds the comfort.

One button sweater


One button sweaters are definitely style for the season. These look trendy and hot with whatever you wear.

V-neck pullover


V-necks are my favorites and that is why I purposely kept it for the last style to be shared. A loved style since ages but this sure is trending

Hope you like these styles.


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