15 Tattoo Designs for Men


Today’s post is a bit different, all these days I’ve been writing posts on tattoos for women, and I’m glad that Wiseshe team and readers are liking and appreciating my work; and today’s post is for all the “wisehe-s” as well.

I first came to know about this tattoo thing when one day I saw my cousin brother getting a good amount of scolding from barein papa because he had done some “drawing” on his wrist; and I was like, “drawing/painting is an art, why is everybody opposing and shouting at it??!!” Little did I know what kind of drawing it actually is…!!!

Anyway, back to today’s topic, today’s post is on tattoos that I think look best on men…

Celtic Tattoo:

The most common among men tattoo lovers, there are no other manlier bolder tattoos than these intricate interlinked knots, rings and curvatures. When delved deeper one could find the rich irresistible symbolism and meaning hidden inside; there is an aura, a charm of the other world and mystic attached to these.



Celtic Tattoo men designs


Maori Tattoos:

Maori tattoos have been practiced for over a thousand years and have withstood time. Maoris have been marking their family and tribal journeys since time immemorial. Their designs have now ceased to become just a tribal art, and had become a global phenomenon.


Maori Tattoos tribal designs


Other Tribal Tattoos:

Tribal tattoo is something that dates back through time and place and is connected to many heritages and cultures worldwide.


Tribal tattoo design ideas

Animal Tattoos:

“Let a man decide upon his favorite animal and make a study of it.”( read tattoo of it)…Some of the most popular animal tattoos on men are Lion tattoos, Tiger tattoos, Leopard tattoos, Panther tattoos, horse tattoos, dog tattoos. Lion symbolizes power, royalty, strength; Tiger symbolizes poise, pride, courage; Horse symbolizes practicality, love; Panthers for power, guardianship, courage and valor; wolf for skill, intelligence and so on.


animal tattoos men designs


Bird Tattoos:

Different bird tattoos have different meanings. Men are mostly seen with Eagle, Owl and Sparrow tattoos. Eagle represents freedom, strength, power; Owl represents wisdom; Sparrows for luck, hope and journey.


bird tattoo design ideas

Skull Tattoos:

A popular icon in tattoo culture, the skull tattoos on one hand are the vessels of the soul, wisdom of ancestors, symbol of death and decay; and on the other they symbolize strength, protective nature, power, strength and power of fighting against all adversities.


Skull Tattoos designs for men

Devil Tattoos:

Devil is a character that has been portrayed as scary, malicious, selfish, and is tied to bad luck, death, normally portrayed in darker shades they depict the grimmer side of a person. But it doesn’t always have the same conventional meaning; there are rather light hearted / funny portrayals of the same character when it is inked in a cartoonist manner.


scary Devil Tattoos designs

Dragon Tattoos:

A dragon signifies power, strength and was considered protectors of sacred objects and treasure. Like dragons, men as our fathers, brothers, friends, husbands act as guardians and protect us from all adversities. A valiant defender.


Dragon Tattoos for men


Cross Tattoos:

Reminding us of Jesus Christ and his death, a cross tattoo is a symbol of wisdom, knowledge, remembrance to a loved one.



Jesus Christ Cross tattoos



Different inscriptions, ranging from favorite quotes to Chinese Japanese characters, Arabic and Sanskrit scripts. It is important to know the meaning behind them before getting these tattoos.



scripts tattoo designs for men


Weapon Tattoos:

This is my bhaiya’s all time favorite. To him, it symbolizes power, beauty and danger; they are works of art…!!!… God knows how come a Gun symbolize beauty…!!!


Weapon Tattoos men designs



Men love to get different women tattoos inked on them, be it some beauties from ancient mythologies or Mother Mary, simple angels or pin up girls.


women angels tattoo designs


Names of Girlfriends:

This is the cheesiest and tackiest of all (no offence meant). I personally don’t like these kinds of tattoos. Some may think it as romantic and lovely, but it’s not.


name tattoo designs

Random Full Hand/Arm Tattoos:

Close design inked on one hand is pretty common among men. They can be animals, birds, feathers or any abstract designs.


full hand arm tattoo designs

Random full chest/ Full back tattoo:

Full back tattoo depicting a story, any thoughts or just random.


full back story depicting tattoos


Some Random …:

Though today’s post says that these are tattoos for men, but women can equally look their best in these, everything depends on your choice and how you carry them…!!..


tattoo design ideas for men


Happy Tattooing…!!

Did you like these tattoo design ideas for men?

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