15 Things To Know Before You Marry A Bengali Beauty


15 Things To Know Before You Marry A Bengali Beauty

Beautiful, strong willed, respectful and she has the capability to be modern career oriented yet maintain a personal life at home. Beauty with brains in true sense. That’s what a Bengali woman is.


bengali woman beauty secrets


After coming across hundreds of men who have millions of preconceived notion about Bengali women, I finally thought of jotting down points to guide you to our heart.

(Please remember, that this is a fun post, and I intend to hurt no one.)

  • Want to impress us?? Get over your muscles and hunk image. We prefer quotes from poems and prose than your biceps and triceps. We love six line of fine recitation than your six pack abs. If you try to impress us with your muscles, we will conclude you have muscles in your head as well. SIMPLE 😉
  • No matter how much we swoon over a LBD, a floor gracing gown or denim shorts, traditional sarees SCREAMS classiness and you’ll see us draping them at every single occasion.

things to know about bengali woman

  • Never say women belong to the kitchen, remember that’s where the knives are.


  • Bengali and music go hand in hand. With all rabindra sangeet, nazrul geeti, old movie songs and others, we remain engrossed in those lyrics and music. If you have a musical talent close to zero or don’t like music much, it’s a thing to worry about.


  • Failing the fish market test is the worst nightmare a non-bong beau has. Once at least in your lifetime, you have to do rounds of the fish market. Did you survive? If yes, then welcome to the family.


bengali fishes


  • She is the too “hot” to handle. With all the sorshe bata(mustard paste), sorsher tel (mustard oil) and kancha lonka(green chillies) and shukno lanka guro(dry chilli powder). And it is not just that you have to indulge in these bong delicacies, but we would love it if you do so.


  • We are as sweet as rosogollas, and we love rosogollas as well. Misti doi ( sweet curd) too. No Bengali meal is complete without sweets at the end. The very thought makes my mouth water.


bengali sweets


  • Yes, yess, we love FOOD. Be it fish, chicken, mutton, eggs or anything that is sweet. We will mostly be physically on the healthier side and love our curves, and being curvy is the new cool. J What say??!!


  • What is your hobby?? Car racing? Bike stunt driving?? Kick boxing?? You will have to have a creative side of you. If you can’t sing (doesn’t mean you have to be Kishore Kumar, sometimes imperfect singing feels so warm and romantic, own experience), if you can’t recite poems praising her luscious black hair and beautiful eyes, then…umm ..Side please.


  • Bong girls have the most gorgeous eyes of the planet. The heavily kohl rimmed eyes, will sweep you off your feet. Be ready to swoon. And, and, you think those heavy rimmed eyes makes us look like a panda? We will take no time to “bhasma” you.


beauty secrets of bengali beauty

  • Don’t try to be ultra-masculine in front of us, we are self-assertive and this particular attribute also serves as a warning to oblivious boyfriends, so guys, be nice 😀


  • Bong beauties have some of the coolest nicknames, mimi, mithu, puchka, pupai, babin, bubun, puchi..you name it, we have it 😀


  • Anything you say against our family, specially our mothers and fathers, you’ll be a dead meat. They are the pillars of strength, our idols and they are the ones who brought us up to be the tigresses we are today.


  • There is nothing more pleasurable than an intellectual talk, of literature, of music, from pet dogs to wild cats of the jungle. The key to the heart of a Bengali woman (to some extent) is having a good “adda” with a cup of cha.


  • Bengali Marriages are the perfect mix of ritualistic festivities and a whole lot of uproarious fun followed by a spectacular menu too. After all, the princess is getting married.


Bengali women have the grace, charm and poise much beyond petty hotness and she has the ability to kill with her eyes only. We are proud of our own identity and our cultural heritage. We are as fine as a timeless romantic film, a classic book, a nice dinner or well, maybe just a perfect ballad.

A Bengali beauty is magical, she is fiery and she is gorgeous. Only some men measure up to her, the rare ones.

Did you know all these about a Bengal beauty?

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  1. Hahaha… Such a fun read!
    You should do a similar post about Bengali “Beautas” 😀 I am married to one 🙂
    I agree with all the points you have mentioned.. You forgot one point– Bengalis have great skin… I think it’s because of the fish you guys eat..My husband has such a great skin and features that I sometimes feel jealous of my own husband 😀 😛

  2. Lovely fun article! My Bong Babli is already married or I wud hv been worried 😛 By the way she has a pure non-veg Bong hubby but she can’t stand fish

  3. Loved reading this….and I feel Keralites and Bengali’s have very common features… Hair…beautiful,expressive eyes….skin….fish lovers etc..

    U look very pretty 🙂

  4. Bwaa hahahaha 🙂 , so true.
    Il just add 1 more trait of Bong beauties – they are super head strong 🙂 . So you cant treat them like abla naari 🙂

  5. awesome article…lovd all d points n all r true…… write anothr article on bangal vs ghoti…eta o hot cake topic among da bongs….. keep writing lovely articles.. God Bless……..


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