15 Tips For Face Glow


15 Tips For Face Glow

Hello Ladies,

A very Happy Valentine’s day to you all! I am just tucked in my bed and enjoying all the posts in my social media news feed celebrating this day of love. More importantly loving yourself above anyone else is what I believe can bring you true happiness & content from the inside.

I recently shared Gifts to Pamper Your Better Half This Valentine’s Day so all of you who couldn’t make it special today can even do it later because you need to be loved everyday right! 🙂

Today, I am here to share more of a self love/ pampering kind of topic which we all ladies love to do on occasions. Of course, with so much work, stress, family and other career responsibilities one hardly gets time but ultimately it is us only who need to take great care of ourselves. No one else will do it for us! It starts from us only! 🙂

Here are some must know tips for face glow that you must try with the spring season finally bidding adieu to dry & flaky skin.

Hydrate enough

drinking water

If you are hydrated enough, you skin will naturally glow and you will not need to do much because the skin is healthy from inside. Rely mostly on detox drinks, green tea if you cannot drink too much water in a day.

Ample rest

fake up tips for beauty sleep

Treat your body right and take ample rest in between 6-8 hours as that duration is needed each day to replenish your body and ensure your skin doesn’t look stressed due to sleep deprivation. You must have noticed how after a good night’s sleep, your face literally glows! 🙂

Drink the Fresh Air

fresh air and sunshine for immunity

Nature makes it really easy to have a great skin which glows. Walk in the park in the morning or by the beach will naturally make your skin look better. Not to mention the increasing pollution, it is definitely a great idea to spend some time in the lap of nature and drink the unadulterated air from the environment.

Sun Protection

skin care plump ultrasun spf30 family review

Sun rays are indeed one of the prime causes of skin problems and you must make sure that you protect your skin from sun at all cost otherwise however hard you try, the skin will not glow if it gets constantly damaged by the sun rays.

Eat Fresh

immunity boosting foods to eat

Always make sure to eat fresh be it food, vegetables or fruits. As fresh and organic food is the best to digest and also reduces your chances of increasing hormonal levels in the body which sometime are prime causes for most skin issues.

Always remove makeup

Shiseido The Skincare Eye & Lip Makeup Remover

Another important tip for glowing skin is to get hold of a good makeup remover or use an oil like olive/ almond or baby oil to remove every trace of makeup from the face very gently. This will let the skin breath on its own and will look more clearer.

Get Monthly Facials

Facials are good for the skin as they deeply cleanse the skin of all its impurities and nourish it deeply as per the skin type. The monthly exfoliation is a must do step to get a clear and glowing skin in the weeks to follow.

Rub an ice cube

For an instant rejuvenation, rub an ice cube wrapped in a cotton napkin on the skin and your eyes and do it until the ice melts. This is a quick tip to get an instant glow on the face at times of stress or lethargy.

Change your face wash

forest essential cleanser and toners

It is an important tip to switch over to organic products which use natural ingredients in skincare items rather than chemicals. The organic face wash is going to give you the much permanent glow so choose wisely.

Weekend Rituals

facial ubtan

There are some weekend rituals for skincare which you must do without fail. Use a sheet mask and let your skin relax and absorb all the goodness in it. You can also use a home made ubtan using besan (gram flour), turmeric & malai (milk cream) every week for a beautiful natural glow.

Sweat it out

Be it anything, you must sweat out regularly to make sure your face glows post exercise. This improves blood circulation and you will see your face glow with this simple tip.

Facial Exercises

facial exercise

Not only the body but also the face. It needs its movement. Chew on a candy or chewing gum and make sure your jawline and neck muscles move frequently. This tip will alo ensure that those early aging signs and wrinkles don’t appear so soon.

Rely on Natural Oils

The body shop vitamin e overnight serum in oil

Natural oils for skincare is one important tip to get a beautiful glowing skin when you wake up the next morning. These oils are useful for the skin in so many ways so you should definitely try them for getting the natural glow.

Don’t stress

Do not let your work or family stress overpower you. It is directly going to affect your skin and it will look all dull even if you are doing every possible thing mentioned above.

Get an Abhayangam Massage

Body Massage experience

This is a full body massage which you must try to have a great glowing skin. This massage uses medicinal organic oils which target many concerns like ageing, damaged & dull skin, full skin rejuvenation. It heals the body from inside and polishes all your senses which ultimately show up on your face.



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