15 Tips on How to Get Amazing Eyebrows


15 tips on how to get amazing eyebrows

There is no doubt that beautiful eyes capture maximum attention in the appearance of a woman but even if, by God’s grace, if you are not gifted with the most beautiful eyes, there is no need to mourn over, as there is another possible way to make your eyes look appealing and capable of seeking attention.

Eyebrows are really very important in deciding the overall look of a woman as they are the framing tools of the face and decide the expressions of a person. Eyebrows are very complementary with eyes and are capable in transforming an average looking face into a unique and attractive one…:-)


Eyebrows can be groomed well and you see visible difference in your face within minutes. So, it takes a proper knowledge of ways in which you can groom your eyebrows and get the desired arches of your face which will overwhelm you with a number of lovely compliments.

Here are a few tips which will help you in having the eyebrows of your dream which are easy to follow-

  • For a flattering pair of eyebrows it is essential to decide for yourself the type of shape of the eyebrow you wish to sport. Generally, the face shape is chosen as the criteria to decide the shape of the arches. Eyebrow shapes are round, angular, curved, flat depending upon the shape of the face. So, with the right eyebrow shape, your face naturally looks beautiful.

shaped eyebrows

  • It is equally important to know that the thickness of the eyebrows also decides the oomph factor of your face. Generally, women with big eyes tend to opt for thicker eyebrows in order to balance out the size of their eyes while those who are blessed with small eyes tend to keep the eyebrows on the thinner side so that their eyes are not overshadowed with the thick eyebrows.
  • For having a perfect pair of eyebrows it is essential that you groom your eyebrow hairs regularly so that they don’t look out of shape. For this, methods like threading, tweezing and waxing can be used as per your wish. These methods tend to remove the unwanted hairs of the eyebrows which overgrow after a while. These methods retain the shape of the eyebrows by removing the extra hairs of the brows.

tweezing grown eyebrow hairs

  • It is also observed as a general rule that the thickness of the eyebrows should be as that of the upper lip so as to give a close-knit look to the face.
  • Eyebrows should be tweezed with care and keeping in mind the type of shape you wish to achieve for them. Ideally, tweezing should be done once in a week and not daily as it may result in faster overgrowth of the eyebrow hairs.
  • It is advised to tweeze your brows just after your bath as the hair follicle are soft and cause less pain while plucking, thus making the tweezing session less painful.
  • It is important to stick to the natural shape & arch of your eyebrows so that your face is well complimented with the groomed arches. Don’t blindly follow an angular or curved arch if it doesn’t suits your face.

How to fill brows step by step

  • It is essential to brush your eyebrow hairs to know the exact areas from where extra hairs need to be plucked. Long hair on the brows should be trimmed first before tweezing so that it is easy to determine the desired shape of the arches.
  •  Makeup is also very essential in getting the desired look of the eyebrows which suits your face. It is essential to put a light hint of eyebrow pencil on your brows to make them look groomed.

eyebrow pencil

  • Filling the arches with an eyebrow pencil also ensures to fill the gaps as the hairs don’t grow completely at a time so filling then would be helpful in getting the perfect brows.
  • The use of concealer below the eyebrows will give a more defined and projected look to your eyebrows.
  • Use a brow brush to comb all the hair in one direction so that it doesn’t looks messy with makeup. A great option to hold the eyebrow hairs is to apply a brow gel to keep them in place.

brow brush to shape

  • Sometimes threading & tweezing result in plucking out the hairs more harshly leaving a cut mark over the brows so to recover it fast and help the hair grow back, apply Aloe Vera gel over  the eyebrows for a night.
  • If you have very sparse eyebrow hairs and have inhibited growth of brow hairs then it is advised to apply extra virgin olive oil regularly so as the promote hair re-growth on the brows.

Farrell - Pure Olive Oil review+olive oil to massage baby

  • Do not over do your eyebrows in tweezing, waxing & threading as eye brow hairs take a good time(4-5 weeks) to grow back and it will look very bad until then.

What is your method of obtaining amazing eyebrows?

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  1. Gr8 tips ana..i hav a cut on my left eyebrow…so no proper symetry b/w d two eyebrows…m haviing vry sensitive skin.cant bear d threading pain..

    • me too keep ouching at the parlor..thank god I have to visit the parlor once a month..I can’t stand the thought of tweezing my brows..am too afraid for that..!

  2. I have lush eyebrows with very hard growth that seem to grow like weeds. So I generally visit the parlou fortnightly, but then I never need to bother with brow pencils or anything… :p


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