15 Tricks To Look Pretty In Photograph


15 Tricks To Look Pretty In Pictures


You have done your makeup perfectly and have worn your best dress for an event. But to your horror, when you look at your pictures from that same event, you look nothing like a pretty thing. Here are some tips that will ensure that you always look your best in the photographs-

Match Your makeup

your whole body or rather the exposed parts of your body should be of same colour. Apply same foundation on face, ears and neck. The most important point is to use foundation that matches your skin tone otherwise you will end up looking pale or grey.


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Flush on cheeks

Always add some warmth to your face with a suitable blusher. Without a blush your face may look flat.


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Bright and Wide eyes

Never forget to curl your lashes and coat them with a good mascara. Your eyes will really stand out. To avoid red-eye look at a light before the shot so that your pupils are shrunk.


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Hair Care

Apply a shine-product on your hair to make your hair look glossy and healthy in pictures. Also tame any fly-aways with a little pomade or frizz-serum.

Define Your Brows

Eyebrows add definition to face so never forget to fill-in your eyebrows. Invest in a good eyebrow kit. If you can’t find a good one then buy an eyebrow pencil which is a shade lighter than your eyebrows.


Sleek-brows-sleek-brow-kit dark on my brows


No Double Chin

To avoid looking all plumped up, try this pose- push your face a little forward by craning your neck. Don’t go overboard and you will look amazing in photos.

Contour and Highlight

Do the contouring and highlighting steps very well to look sculpted. But don’t become a shimmer-ball with too much highlighter especially if you have oily skin.


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The Red Carpet Pose

The oh-so boring red carpet pose of our favourite celebs is actually a slimming trick. Put your hand on your hip, turn your body a little to the side and turn your head towards the camera. Even I try it sometimes ๐Ÿ˜€

Go Bright

Always wear bright lipcolours when going for a photo. Your lips will look plump and attractive. Dull and dark lipsticks make you look older in pictures.


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Avoid closed eyes

Many of you must have been disappointed when a pretty picture of you comes with half-closed or closed eyes. To avoid this problem, close your eyes just before a shot and open them slowly just in time for the click. I swear by this trick.

Insta Glam

Get photo-ready in a matter of minutes by blotting your face and pinching your cheeks to get instantly better face.


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Pick your Face

It means that go through your pics and select the ones you like. Whenever you get clicked next time, emulate your smile and postures from your favourite pictures. There are good chances of your new photos to turn out great.

Light Right

Do not stand right under a source of light. Let natural light fall on your face from front or from side to add natural brightness to your face.


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The right angle

Do not look at the camera straight-on. Rather turn your face at a 3/4th angle to accentuate your features. Also get your camera placed above you to look slimmer rather than keeping it at a horizontal line or worse at a lower point.


Do not put on a fake smile as it shows in pictures. Your facial muscles will look tensed. Relax and smile naturally.


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You can also get hold of something nice like a flower etc. in your hands if you want to give a relaxed pose without looking like a bundle of nerves.

Do you follow any special trick to look perfect in photosgraph?

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  1. awesome tricks Maitri..my trip starts to so I am gonna keep all of these in mind..! and what lovely pics you have chosen for the post dear.! :-* :-p
    I am having a girly crush on Ana dese days..! :-* ๐Ÿ˜‰ :-*

  2. I like it! Though I am not the ‘Love make up’ kind of girl but I really like the fact the makeup is kept simple and subtle. This is what we can do for parties. Thanks for post, Glad I came across ๐Ÿ™‚


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