15 Women Who Has The Most Beautiful Eyes In The World


15 Women with Beautiful Eyes in the World


Eyes are the most precious gift a person has and is definitely the most appealing feature of the face. Having a pair of beautiful eyes is all a woman needs to look uniquely gorgeous among others. Eyes are known to be the most expressive features of a person and are known to express a lot more than simple words. When it becomes difficult to express any feeling in words, eyes say it all easily.

As the famous saying goes, “Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder”, here I will bring forth the top fifteen most beautiful eyes in the world which according to me are my favorite picks.


I remembered my childhood days, when I used to wake up to a big poster of Madhubala in my big brother’s room and used to admire her beauty and mesmerizing eyes which were so expressive. I consider her eyes to be simply out of this world. She had the ability to infuse real emotions in a simple picture with her eyes.


madhubala beautiful eyes


Waheeda Rehman

She was the most beautiful actress of her time and is still known as a timeless Diva. Her lash-fringed eyes are considered the most enchanting eyes in Bollywood and had million of hearts who swear to her beautiful eyes even till today.


waheeda rehman beautiful eyes



Going by the famous song from her movie, it was very appropriate for her eyes. Her enthralling gaze is the most unique feature in her personality. She has the most sharp and captivating eyes among her contemporary actresses.


rekha beautiful eyes


Aishwarya Rai

She is one of the most beautiful women in the world and her eyes are definitely among the most beautiful eyes in the world. Her sapphire eyes are simply entrancing and out of this world.


aishwarya rai beautiful eyes


Rani Mukherjee

She is definitely endowed with a unique set of eyes and her eyes are able to express the slightest of emotions from the most innocent one to the extremely sensuous feelings.


aishwarya rai beautiful eyes


Karishma Kapoor

She has the perfect blue eyes which is the fantasy of every man for his muse. Her eyes are really charming and have an extraordinarily great innocence in them. To me, she has the most fascinating eyes which are highly expressive.


karishma kapoor beautiful eyes


Kareena Kapoor

It is not a coincidence that this sibling of Karishma is also gifted with a set of bewitching eyes which grabbed our attention from the very beginning. She has really beautiful eyes.


kareena kapoor beautiful eyes


Deepika Padukone

She is the reigning queen of Bollywood and her projecting big eyes are the most pleasing things in her persona. These eyes are the perfect example of a compassion and sophistication in the emotions which itself is a rare combination.


deepika padukone beautiful eyes


Elizabeth Taylor

This beautiful actress has the perfect deep blue eyes which are admired by many. She has been a tremendous actress of her time and has won several accolades for her beautiful face and gorgeous eyes.


elizabeth taylor beautiful eyes


Angelina Jolie

Talking about the most beautiful eyes in the world without mentioning her name wouldn’t do justice with this post. Her eyes are really enticing when we talk about Hollywood beauties.




Charlize Theron

She is a South African actress and a great actress of Hollywood. She is also one actress who is blessed with beautiful and spells bounding eyes.




Kristen Stewart

She is a personal favorite star who has really beautiful eyes and has so many fans who admire her chirpy and intoxicating set of eyes. I loved her in the Twilight movie series and totally admire her beautiful eyes.


Kristen Stewart beautiful eyes


Megan Fox

She is often voted as the most sensuous women of Hollywood and her sensuous eyes have well contributed to that. I find her eyes really attractive and fit to be included in this list.


megan fox beautiful eyes


Kate Winslet

The Titanic star has really alluring eyes and a glimpse of her beautiful eyes can easily make anyone fall for them. For me she is really a person with speaking eyes…!


kate winslet beautiful eyes


Mila Kunis

Apart from the fact that she has different color of the eyes after a major eye problem which led to temporary blindness in one eye, she still topped the list of the most sensuous women in the past year. She has very tempting eyes and those bold outward eyes have attributed a lot in the success achieved by this beauty.


mila kunis beautiful eyes


Who is your favorite star who you think has the most beautiful eyes ?


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  1. Kisko chor k kisko choose karu.. each and everyone is just perfect on its own way.. :heart: everyone here..

    And Ira I love you :-* 😀

    • Hehe why Sush..I don’t have so lovely eyes..my eyes are very choti choti..! 😉

      But honestly speaking if I had to pick beautiful eyes from Blogging space..You & Madhu would have topped that list…!
      You guys have “Bolti Aankhein” what you call it..!! :-* :-*

  2. aahan Sadhna had beautiful eyes..sorry sweety it was a list of only 15 most beautiful eyes…
    you too love Kristen’s eyes..wow same pinch 🙂 :-*

  3. All of these women are beuatiful and have gorgeous eyes. So does Janet Miranda
    You must check out her amazing eyes.
    She is one of the most beuatiful women in the world and one of my favorite inspirational actresses.

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