16 Amazing Uses of Baby Wipes

16 Amazing Uses of Baby Wipes
If you have a baby in the house  you probably will be knowing  a couple of extra uses for baby wipes.  This simple thing called baby wipes is a multi tasker and I think is indispensable to some people.  Include me in that list.
Today the market is flooded with tons of different types of wipes. Adult wipes, baby wipes, make up wipes, doggy wipes, wet wipes and all of them have some jhakas ingredients. Aloe infused, essential oils infused, scented, unscented, dry skin wipes, oily skin wipes, toning, firming and wipes with SPF. The list is never ending.
Below I am listing a few uses of baby wipes.  I use them religiously because I have a dog that sheds fur throughout the year and I have to keep wiping and wiping and wiping.  I hope you feel refreshed after reading this:p
  • If you have wooden furniture that cannot be wiped with soap or water then use a wipe.  I use one to clean my Piano daily.
  • Some wipes have anti bacterial properties in them and they can clean a wound.  Use it before first aid arrives.
  • If you live in a place with regular sand storms like Kuwait then you need it to keep the sand from going any further than your lips!
  • Cleans and disinfects your hands.  Perfect for traveling when soap and water may not be readily available.
  • Effective and gentle for makeup. 
  • Wipe the grime  Whisk away eye makeup, dirt and oil from face and hydrate skin with aloe-infused baby wipes.
  • Place your wipes in a refrigerator a few minutes before using on sunburned skin for even more cooling power.
  • Wipe your furniture with it.  Wipe the restaurant furniture when you are in a restaurant with one.  It’s touched by all kinds of people and not really wiped well, so why not!
  • Keep cool by wiping a wipe across your forehead and the back of your neck.
  • Wipe the scuff off your shoes with it.
  • Clean your computer screen with it.  It is soft so it won’t damage the screen.
  • Wipe the leaves of your plants with it.
  • Wipe your make-up brushes on the wet wipe to get residue off.
  • When you have to use an unfamiliar toilet then use baby wipes to clean the seat.
  • Wipe your potty with it if there is no hand shower!
  • Last but not the least and my favourite wipe your pet’s feet once home from a walk.  You can even give them a dry wash with one and give your furry a rubdown with a baby wipe to remove excess hair and keep it off the furniture and upholstery.
Baby wipes are so handy and such an amazing invention.  This must-have item should be in everyones bag, at home, work and in the car at all times.

What do you use baby wipes for? Any innovative ideas? Tell us…

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  1. Loved the post Chris :yes: I love using wipes to take off makeup. It’s sooo convenient and easy to carry too. I also use baby wipes for…well…what they’re actually made for 😛


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