16 Faces Cosmetics Glam On Lipstick Swatches


Faces cosmetics Glam on lipstick have become quite a rage nowadays and have been seeing many people stocking it up so as asked here we go with the entire range Faces cosmetics glam on  lipstick swatches.


Rich, vibrant and long staying color, which is enriched with Vitamin E that nourishes your lips and keeps them soft and kissable. It glides on your lips effortlessly in a strong, smooth and even application.


  • Price – INR 499


 Faces Glam On Lipstick Sangria  808

My camera flash has played a bad role in the shade of this lipstick.It’s a marron shade with hint of gold in it.


Faces glam on lipstick sangria 499 swatches+Faces cosmetics glam on lipstick sangaria 499 reviews


Faces Glam On Lipstick Barely There 801

Barely there is a transparent glossy shade.

Faces glam on lipstick barely there 801 swatches+Barely there swatches+Faces glam on lipstick


Faces Glam On Gothica  Lipstick 819

A matte black 

Faces glam on lipstick gothica 819 swatches+Faces gothica lipstick 819


Faces Glam On Coco Bean Lipstick 814 –

A chocolaty shade with hint of gold


Faces glam on lipstick burnt sienna 499 swatches+Faces burnt sienna glam on lipstick


Faces Glam On Lipstick Burnt Sienna 818

 Golden bronzy shade 

Faces glam on lipstick coco bean  814 swatches+Faces cosmetics glam on coco bean lipstick


Faces Glam On Silken Peach Lipstick 816


Faces glam on lipstick silken peach swatches+Faces peaches glam on lipstick


Faces Glam On Vintage Red Lipstick 810

Glossy coral red shade


Faces glam on lipstick vintage red swatches+Faces glam on lipstick red swatches


Faces Glam On Red Coral Lipstick 809

 Warm bright red

Faces glam on lipstick red coral swatches+Revlon faces cosmetics red coral swatches


Swatches Of Faces Cosmetics Glam On Lipstick

 Sangria, Barely true, Coco Bean, Burnt Sienna, Gothica 

Faces glam on lipstick swatches+Faces glam on lipstick sangaria, barely there,


Burnt Sienna, Gothica, Vintage Red, Silken Peach, Red Coral, 

Faces glam on lipstick swatches +silken peach lipstick swatches+vintage red lipstick swatches

Rest 8 shades continues in the next post ..stay tuned 🙂


  1. Vintage red and silken peach, rest I don’t find that interesting. b/w I finally got my first red lippie yaaaay!!!!
    bas usko wear karne ka muhurat nikalna hai 😛

  2. Hi Anamika i like the silken red and coral one and i can never wear black but its a daring shade ,sumtimes wen u r in a rebellious kind of mood ,u can just apply it for the heck of it
    Anamika my smileys dont work


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