16 Street Wear Color Rich Lipstick Shades & Swatches


16 Street Wear Color Rich Lipstick Shades & Swatches

Hello Wiseshe Readers,

I am back with the swatch pictures of the Streetwear lipsticks and here you have sixteen shades from the re-launched Streetwear Cosmetics, all at one place for you all to decide which ones are your picks for the season!

Here we go!

street wear lipstick shades and swatches

About Streetwear Color Rich Ultra Moist Lipsticks-

Street Wear Color Rich Ultra Moist lipsticks which are a part of the newly launched range  will instantly revamp your drab look. Easy to apply and long lasting, this lipstick is worth including in your make-up kit.

Product Features-

  • Good moisturizer, even if you have dry chapped lips, it is not going to look flaky without a lip balm under it.
  • Does not settle into fine lines. It gives just the right amount of shine to the lips, so you don’t need to put on a gloss.
  • Free from Lead, and A

Price-INR 180 for 4.2g.You can get these lipsticks from Amazon here

street wear foxy fantasy 4

Shades of Streetwear Color Rich Ultra Moist Lipsticks-

Foxy Fantasy

A brown pink shade of lipstick which looks more of a nude brown shade under natural light. This will look great on fair and medium skin tones. It may possibly wash out dusky skin tones.

Chic Cappucino

A light coffee shade lipstick which doesn’t look pure matte upon swatching. This would suit most fair skin tones and would likely wash out medium & dusky skin tones. However a little layering of the lip shade will eventually allow medium skin tones to flaunt this color easily.

Spell Bound

A pretty dusty pink shade which looks pure matte and gives a lovely hue on the lips. Undoubtedly, it will look great on all the skin tones.

Pink Passion

The pink lips lovers are surely going to find this shade up to their expectations as it imparts a lovely hot pink shade which deviates towards being a neon pink shade. It will suit all skin tones perfectly well.

street wear spell bound chic capuccino 5

street wear lipstick swatches pink passion 6

street wear lipstick hot ginger run away russet 1

Mystic Mauve

A mauve pink shade which has cool purple undertones in it. Those who are fond of these types of lip colors are certainly going to love this shade.

Hot Ginger

A subtle icy brown shade which has a light sheen in the swatch. This will perfectly show on fair & medium skin tones while dusky skin tones might need to stay away from this shade.

Runway Russet

This shade has already been reviewed by the beauty with a lovely pout, Sahiba here. It is more of an everyday kind of shade and compliments fair skin very well!

Very Vampire

Vampire is mostly attributed with blood but this shade is exactly not a blood red shade. It is surely a bright red lipstick and is going to be one of the most loved shades from the range.

very vampire mystic mauve shade 2

very vampire mystic mauve shade swatches 3

crisp caramel pink persuassion lipstick

Riveting Rouge

An intense shade of red, this is again for all those red lip lovers and bound to be there in everyone’s makeup stash, given the fact that red lips are so trending these days.

Ruby Riddle

I find these shades ruling in the new range, as there are 2-3 shades very similar to each other. This is again a nude brown shade with slight pink undertones in it.

Crisp Caramel

A perfect caramel shade lipstick and it looks more of a peachy brown shade upon swatching. This will look great on fair & medium skin tones.

Pink Persuasion

 A pretty pink shade which is not a neon pink but actually a toned down pink shade. This will look good on all the skin tones.

crisp caramel pink persiassion


streeat wear lipstick pink pirouette shades

Pink Champagne

A frosty light pink shade with slight purple undertones in it. This is not going to show up on most of the medium skin tones as well as dusky tones. It will look good on fair skin tones only!


A pink lip shade with cool undertones of purple shade which gives a slight neon pink hint to this shade. This will compliment all skin tones perfectly.

Pink Pirouette

This is more of a peachy pink shade and looks really lovely in the swatch below. It will suit fair complexions really well!


Another nude brown shade from the range but it is slightly darker than the other everyday nude brown shades. I t will look good on medium & fair complexions. A little layer will make it useful for dusky complexions as well.

street wear pink pirouette swatches shades

So, these were sixteen shades & their swatches. So, now it is your turn to pick your choice! A detailed review with the lip swatches & FOTDs for all of these lipsticks will follow soon!

Well, do I need to say to stay put and watch this space Girlss ?? 😉

Hope you like the swatches and please choose your favorites among these! Do let me know in comments! 🙂

Will be back super soon!

See Ya!


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  1. spell bound, very vampire, Runway russet, Pink Persuasion, Crisp Caramel, Riveting Rouge are my favs… awesome swatches…

  2. ‘Free from Lead, and A’ is a seller ! I want to try these now. Just cause of the pros mentioned. Thanks Anu. i will first try the Vampire one 😀

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