18 Bollywood Actress With & Without Makeup


18 Bollywood Actress With & Without Makeup

Hindi films were an essential part of our growing up years and in these years I have realized that right makeup is the key to the gorgeous looks of our Bollywood beauty queens.

Anyway, in today’s post I’ll be covering some of our Bollywood divas’ with and without makeup looks. What I like about these actresses going completely sans makeup in public is that despite of knowing they’ll be scrutinized and criticized, they are bold enough and dared to show off dark circles and freckles like the true diva they are.

Madhuri Dixit


madhuri dixit without makeup


Is it really fair for someone to look this gorgeous? How this woman gets more radiant each year, I just don’t understand. A winning smile, a confident personality and a path-breaker on various counts. Though she has some wrinkles here and there, but her million-dollar smile hides them all. She is gorgeous with or without makeup.

Katrina Kaif


katrina kaif without makeup


The porcelain doll of Bollywood is truly blessed with flawless skin and beautiful hair. She looks pretty anyway.

Kareena Kapoor


kareena kapoor without makeup


Beside some freckles around her nose, rest of her face is gorgeous. This woman has some “worth to envy” facial features. Beautiful pair of eyes, high cheekbones that are naturally contoured and a pretty sharp nose (Thanks to the knieves..!!)

Priyanka Chopra


priyanka chopra without makeup


Now this lady definitely needs layers of makeup to look like the diva we usually see on screen.

Aishwarya Rai


Aishwarya Rai without makeup


Our Greek goddess in red carpet no doubt has a gorgeous skin but personally I would love to see her with some makeup.

Deepika Padukone


deepika padukone without makeup


She looks pretty and simple without makeup. But with a perfect base, well done eyes and prepped lips, she definitely looks way better.

Anushka Sharma


anushka sharma without makeup


She is beautiful and flawless even without makeup. Gorgeous.

Rani Mukherjee


rani mukherjee without makeup


Maybe she is all set and known for her acting prowess, but she definitely needs help of makeup to look glamorous.

Parineeti Chopra


patineeti chopra without makeup


The bubbly, chirpy actress looks sweet even without makeup. Beside a little dark circle is actually doesn’t have anything to worry about.

Alia Bhatt


alia bhatt without makeup


The newbie in tinsel town, the girl with an adorable face and gorgeous skin, we wonder why Alia uses makeup in the first place. Loved her look in Highway.

Shradhha Kapoor


shraddha kapoor without makeup


This young Bollywood girl looks super gorgeous with makeup and without.

Karishma Kapoor


karisma kapoor without makeup


The elder Kapoor sister has a gorgeous butter like skin. Its flawless. And her blue eyes make hearts skip beats.



kajol without makeup


My favourite actress, but there is no denying that she definitely needs oodles of makeup to look gorgeous.

Vidya Balan


vidya balan without makeup


The curvy, beautiful and talented woman is proud of her skin tone. Though she needs a little touch of makeup, but we love how she carries herself sans makeup.

Sonakshi Sinha


sonakshi sinha without makeup


Again, she is one lady who looks great in her own skin.

Sonam Kapoor


sonam kapoor without makeup


This fashionista looks nothing of a diva without makeup. She is one person I would never want to see without makeup.

Chitrangada Singh


chitrangada singh without makeup


The dusky beauty of bollywood is every bit saucy and tangy without makeup.

Malaika Arora Khan


malaika arora without makeup


This list would have been incomplete without mentioning her name. The yumm-mum of Bollywood can make the whole world go crazy with her looks and thumkas, even in her 40s.

Who is your favorite bollywood diva?

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  1. Not so good post. Nearly all photos are old and they are still wearing makeup. beside who are we to judge whether they are beauty or not beauty without makeup.

  2. Alia bhatt is my rcnt fav and i m glad to see that she luks gud even wdout makeup … Chitrangada too luks gorgeous wdout makeup


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