2 Affordable MAC 266 Brush Dupes


Most of you must be  aware that Sigma has many MAC brush dupes but MAC will always remain MAC  and the quality which it provides is something which other companies have not been able to manage till now. For example, Colorbar, they try to copy each and every shade of MAC but still their quality does not match MAC..

Below I am showing you two considerable dupes of MAC which, although will not give you the exact precision which MAC brushes give, but if you are on a budget, will not disappoint you much either.

  • Price of MAC 266 – $20.I think it cost around 1100 in India but I am not sure.
  • Price of Sigma E65 – $10
  • Price of Coastal scent classic angled liner brush – 1.95$

Both coastal scents and Sigma brushes are available only online with extra shipping charges )

MAC 266 Brush dupe

Both coastal scents and sigma brushes are designed to create precise lines and both serve the purpose .Sigma does a better job than Coastal one because of the brush quality .I like Sigma more than Coastal Scents as it is milder and slides much better when applying eyeliner.Problem with Coastal Scents classic angled liner brush is that it’s not that dense enough, although for a beginner it is not bad considering the price it comes for.

SIGMA 266+sigma e65 brush mac dupe

In the pic below, there is Coastal Scents classic angled liner brush on the left and on the right there is Sigma E65.You can see there is considerable difference in the brush shape and Coastal one is slightly more tapered than the Sigma one


 Do you know any other MAC 266 Brush?

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  1. coastal scents one looks more tapered, but qualitywise sigma looks better, i got RT brushes, in my eye starter kit, thr is a brush similar to it, i love it!


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