2 Lakme Cheek Artist Blush Photos & Swatches


Lakme Cheek Artist from Lakme The easiest and most convenient blush of all time.Simply twist and apply directly on to cheeks for a radiant natural blush.

Price Rs 350.You can buy it from here


Lakme Fantasy Collection Cheek Artist Review

Lakme Fantasy Collection Cheek Artist Peach Blush –

It is  coral shade blush with micro shimmer in it.You can check out the detail review of Lakme cheek artist here

Lakme Fantasy Collection Cheek Artist Blush in Kiss of a Rose Review

I wanted to try the other shade which is Kiss of  rose.In the pictures it looks little muddy to me albeit It is a rose pink colour with shades of brown in it.

Lakme Cheek Artist Peach Blush Review

Swatches of Lakme Cheek Artist peach blush and kiss of a rose(LtoR)

I tried hard to get the right swatches but some how kiss of a rose looked  bluish rosy  pink  on my skin and when I wore it it completely washed me out.:(

Lakme Fantasy Collection Lakme Cheek Artist Peach Blush Swatches

I took another pic and still result were same 🙁

Lakme Cheek Artist Blush Swatches


Lakme cheek artist over all are highly pigmented and blendable but kiss of a rose colour is something which I don’t think will suit many .Peach blush colour with its subtle shimmer and coral shade suits easily even if you are on darker or duskier side unlike kiss of a rose.

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  1. peach blush is looking beautiful…….i m lookin for a pink blush but do these cheek artist require practice????m not so good in applying blush… 😐

    • i seriously don know Tanz..i myself was surprised..peach is going to suit u easily and even if this suits you then you have one more option to buy :):)

      • I have kiss of a rose & had reviewed it a while ago.. u can see the swatches there. It looks pretty nice on me.. I really liked peach too, but a bourjois blush I have is very similar so I didn’t get it 🙂

        • ohhh yes i remember reading the comment on Cynthia blog …may be it was because of some other swatch which i must have done before which lead to this colour..but that is also true itried hard to get the right colour as colour was way different what it looked.

  2. Hey Anamika, i was planning on getting a blush, and the price seems to be good on this one. What do you suggest i should pick, i have a wheatish complexion…

  3. Wow! Peach one looks tempting. I’m very bad with blush application with my fingers. looks like I should practice for such a beautiful product like this. Its so lovely.

  4. i tried this at the store after reading about them at a blog. they seened great but i did not buy them, i got really oily skin you see. i suppose powder blush shoul work the best for me.

    • hey girl..i have super oily skin but they worked for me and they look so natural and stays for long long time on our skin..so do try this one as it is decently priced compared to all other companies which sell cream blushes:)

  5. peach one ….it wont go wrong …which colour blush do u use mostly Prachi..and u have dry skin so have u tried cream blushes before?

  6. Skin is quite better now..atleast dryness is under control..it was all due to weather.
    I have used only powder blushes before..and most times a frosted peach lippie as blush but never a cream blush..

  7. I had one of our American clients on a visit and one of them was wearing a peachy-orangy blush….my gawwd it looked so good, i was tempted to ask her what is she wearing for a blush….client thi varna pooch leti :pain:

    • ahahhahahhahah…they have so many good brands..i have been tempted to do this many times..even when some body is in restaurant or some thing i get tempted to ask by looking at their dish “what r u eating” :rotfl:

  8. Anu, would u plz do a step by step tutorial of how to apply cream / stick blush…when i went to lakme, i tried to apply the blush on my cheeks myself bt SA k samne mera to popat ho gaya :-(( i ws nt getting the right technique! :pain:

  9. I use the Body Shop Lily Cole Lip & Cheek Dome the Pink one..but from your photo I feel the Lakme product is pretty thick! Or you just swatched too much? Body shop color just look perfect on me..but um a brown skin Asian..not feeling very confident about Cheek artist now. But i just bought it and haven’t used it yet coz it’s with my friend at the moment (she is bringing it for me from India). I just hope that i didn’t waste my money after so long waiting period :X-P:


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