20 Amazing Health Benefits Of Coconut



20 Amazing Health Benefits Of Coconut

One of my all time favorite fruits is the widely available Coconut. The wonder fruit amply provides for all human needs. From brooms, mattress and ropes to bowls, utensils and handicrafts, a coconut can help you create and make all these. From the coir, husk and shell to the yummy pulp and refreshing water inside, nothing goes in vain when it comes to coconut.




So today we’ll be discussing some amazing health benefits of coconut:-

  1. The coconut water is a boon for all weight conscious people. The water is very low in fat and one can drink as much as he/she wants without worrying a bit. The water can also help you feel full and thus decreasing your cravings for other foods.
  2. Coconut water can help detoxify your body.
  3. Prepare your own smoothie with coconut milk. Juicing detoxifies your body and also helps you shed dress sizes.
  4. Coconut water fights fatigue and restores energy, way better than those energy drinks available in the market.
  5. Coconut water has more hydrating properties than normal drinking water and thus can certainly aid in smooth digestion. You’ll be able to absorb food nutrients better and have easier bowel time when you drink it on regular basis.
  6. Coconut pulp, coconut milk and as well as the water has anti-virus , anti-bacteria and anti-fungal properties that can help you stay away from flues, herpes and viral infections.
  7. Coconut water contains less sodium and more potassium which is highly recommendable to revitalize cells and boost metabolism.
  8. Coconut milk as you know has too many beauty benefits. It is a great moisturizer and improves skin elasticity and has age reversing properties.
  9. Coconut milk is used to treat tan and sunburn.
  10. Coconut milk is also used in hair treatments to take fly aways and reduce frizzes, split ends and can also be used to straighten hair. Read the full step by step DIY method here. Also read about this nourishing hair and body pack here
  1. Coconut pulp and the milk are rich in phosphorus.
  2. Coconut milk and coconut water helps to maintain normal blood pressure and sugar levels.
  3. Coconut water kills intestinal worms, cures UTI and restores kidney and urinary health.
  4. Coconut oil, the magic oil as I say, contains Medium chain triglycerides and natural skin conditioners that protect against free radical damage. Buy coconut oil from Flipkart.com here
  5. The fatty acids in coconut oil deeply moisturize hair, reduce dandruff and promote re-growth of hair.
  6. The oil is used as a head and body massage to reduce stress.
  7. Lauric acid in coconut oil helps fighting against infections.
  8. The saturated fat in coconut oil doesn’t affect cholesterol level and prevents heart attack and stroke.
  9. The strong antioxidant properties and health benefits stave off memory loss.
  10. Coconut also regulates hormones and stabilizes glucose levels.

There are many more health benefits attached to this wonder fruit. Enjoy having them every day or at least on alternate days to see the results.

Did you know about these benefits of coconut?

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