20 Most Amazing Tattoo Designs


20 Most Amazing Tattoo Designs

 Tattoos, over the time, have become an expression of one’s innate feelings. Tattoo making or Body art as it is called now, had its origin in tribal ritualistic practices in different nomadic and settled tribes around the world. From its humble origins to the modern day’s sophistications that it has achieved, body art still remains a medium to express oneself using its body as a canvas.

Just like art is limitless…There are various kinds of tattoos people like getting inked with. History of women and tattoos dates back to centuries and were worn as custom couture. Mother of Winston Churchill had a serpent on her wrist. Margot Mifflin in her fascinating excursion of tattoos, “Bodies of Subversion”, lays in front of us some jaw-dropping facts and pictures from the Victorian Era and before, which inspired me and it felt empowering to create something irreversible and visible, and not to be afraid of what others think.

body tattoo art

  1. Olive Oatman was the first tattooed white woman in the U.S.
  2. Nora Hildebrandt, the first American tattooed circus attraction.
  3. Maud Wagner, the first known female tattooist.
  4. Mildred Hull. One of the first women to learn tattooing without the help of a boyfriend or husband 😛
  5. Anna Mae Burlington Gibbons was a working-class woman who was tattooed during economic hard time.
  6. Betty Broadbent is one of the best-known and most photographed American circus attractions, Betty Broadbent made history by appearing in the first televised beauty contest—fully tattooed.

I, being a woman, would like to share my personal favorites with you all. Here is a list of most amazing tattoo designs for women:-

Maori Tattoo designs:

An important representative of tribal tattoos, inked in intricate patterns, they has deep spiritual meanings of cultural significance.

Maori tribal Tattoo designs

Butterfly Tatoo Designs

Symbolizing grace, beauty, joy, transformation and freedom, these beautiful patterned and colorful winged butterflies are undeniably attractive.

butterfly ideas tattoo designs

Dragonfly Tattoo Designs

Dragonfly tattoos don’t only look beautiful, cute and sexy, but they also carry rich symbolic meanings. Marked by new freedom as this creature of wind leaves the cocoon, and it’s past, and travel towards a new life therefore, beauty and positive change, wild and free spirit.

Dragonfly tattoos ideas

Animals Tattoo Designs:-

Animal tattoos carry personal feelings as well as cultural symbolisms. Lions stand for courage, power, royalty, dignity and wisdom, tigers for strength, sensuality, beauty and wrath. Symbolizing mystery, femininity, playfulness, beauty and adoration, cat is my most favorite of all. And the dog beholding characters like loyalty, strength, confidence, friendship and love, is my another favorite.

fantastic animal tattoo designs

 Angel/Fairies Tattoo Designs:-

A perfect way to remember childhood fondly and keep the images of childhood part of our lives on an ongoing basis.

fancy tattoo designs

Birds Tattoo Designs:-

It is such a pleasure to watch birds fly in the horizon as the sun sets. Their freedom to roam around and challenge high sky is wonderfully enticing. So, when it comes to body art, they are an obvious choice. Peacock stands for its vibrant color, sensuality, and exotic look. Sparrows for luck, fun, journey and freedom. Dove for love and peace. Eagle for strength, freedom, power, correct vision. Owl for knowledge and wisdom.

birds tattoo design ideas

Mythological Tattoos Designs:-

Depicting a mythological being on oneself could be seen as connecting or having proximity to a higher power.

Mythological Tattoos amazing designs

Sun Tatto Designs:-

As life on earth will not be possible without sun, like that my list of amazing tattoos will not be complete without the sun tattoo. Sun symbolizes power, vitality, life, energy and force.

amazing tattoos design sun

Moon Tattoo Designs:-

Moon stands for serenity, femininity, mysticism and is the emblem for eternal beauty.

beautiful moon design tattoo

Star Tattoo Designs:-

Star tattoos stand for success, enlightenment, ambition and aims, knowledge and beauty, dreams and hopes

tattoo star design ideas

Flowers Tattoo Designs:-

Flowers are best to express one’s love, romance and feelings. Flowers hold important part in rituals of cultures worldwide. Tattoos in form of flowers symbolize love, femininity, life, victory, marriage, death, vitality, youth and so much more. Rose is a sign of love passion, grace, elegance. Lotus is a sign of hardship, struggle and victory. Daisy symbolises innocence, purity and serenity.


floral design tattoo ideas

Scorpion Tattoo Designs:-

I love scorpion tattoos, I soooo have a wish of getting a scorpion on back of my neck. Its stealthy and deadly nature, the counter attacking force and majestic poise, everything seems so interesting. ..Like, “You dare hurt me, and I’ll sting u..” 😀

scorpion tattoos neck designs

Zodiac Tattoo Designs:-

For getting a Zodiac sign tattoo, you don’t really have to be an astrology lover, it’s just a way to show the world the unique you.

Zodiac sign tattoo ideas

Scripts Tattoo Designs:-

Ink the script, quote of your choice.

scripts tattoo trends

Lock and Key Tattoo Designs:-

Symbolizing protection, possession, Lock and key tattoo is unique and beautiful in its own way. It can be a couple’s tattoo, with the lock inked on one and the key on the other.

Lock key unique  tattoo

Musical notes Tattoo Designs:-

Music is what feelings sound like. It expresses that cannot be said and what is impossible to keep silent. Where words fail, music speaks..Here is some tattoo for all the music lovers.

Musical notes as tattoo designs

Wings Tattoo Designs:-

Wing tattoos have spiritual meaning related to protection, guidance, and also “to give wings to imagination”. There can be angel wings, birds’ wings and many more.

tattoo ideas Wing tattoos

Feather Tattoo Designs:-

Sometimes simple yet beautiful, sometimes bold yet sassy, these tattoo designs are unique and definite head-turners.

Feather Tattoo unique designs

Heart Tattoos Designs:-

Symbol of love, adoration, faith, passion and life, this is another common tattoos for women.

Heart Tattoos designs

Bee Tattoos Designs:-

I just love how a single bee queen rules over all the male bees in her swarm. Bee tattoo symbolizes structured life, unity, hard work, cooperation, family, defense and protection.

Bee tattoo design ideas

Let us know which ones u liked…!!

I’m going to get another one in a few days. I might do more in time. There’s loads of space…. 🙂

Did you like these tattoo designs?

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