20 Beautful Henna Designs For Nikah


Muslim weddings cover a large global geographical area ranging from the Indian Sub-continent through to the Middle East, Africa, Far East, North America and Europe.Each community has its own traditions and customs. Muslim wedding are celebrated on a grand scale and the wedding is divided into various sections starting with the engagement, through to the Henna/Mehendi ceremony, the main day which comprises of the Nikah and the Walima.


Mehendi (Urdu: مہندی‎), the Henna ceremony, or the Rasm-e-henna ceremony, typically takes place one or two days prior to the main wedding day. The event is traditionally held separately for the bride and the groom. Historically, little incisions were cut into the bride and groom’s palms so that they could be joined in blood. As time progressed it was replaced with henna (also spelled as hennah), now a days the henna is symbolically placed on the couple’s hands. The groom’s friends and family bring along sweets and henna for the bride, and the bride’s family does the same for the groom. The mother of the groom would place a teaspoon full of henna onto the bride’s palm and cover it with a triangular cloth made of fine and shiny fabric. The bride’s mother would place the henna on the pinkie finger of the groom and likewise cover it with the fabric.


mehendi designs for nikah


Here in this article I am gonna write about some beautiful henna designs for Nikah and Walima, so lets first start with hugely popular Arabic Henna design. Traditional Arabich  henna is more abstract and less dense with designs featuring graceful floral and vine patterns. These are much less complex than the traditional Indian- Marwari and Rajasthani designs. The design beautifully gives the hands a filling effect without having too much detail and intricate designs


Marwari mehendi design Rajasthani mehendi design



Non-traditional design tends to be a mix of Arabic design as well as Marwari one and contains picture symbols (as in astrological, mythical, spiral  etc.), these designs are usually though simple but tend to present geometric shapes and designs with abstract symbols  Hidden among the tangled, intertwining patterns would be the initials of the bride and groom.


arabic marwari mehendi


The palm is decorated with floral motifs and also have shaded ambiya designs on fingers. The small swirled design also makes it a lovely Mehendi design.


shaded ambiya finger designs


The below and above design, intricate Mehendi fill up the hands and legs, thus making it ideal for a bride to be.


intricate bridal Mehendi


Everyone wants to get some new thing for their wedding- so here are  some multi-color Mehendi design and mostly the colors are red, blue, green, etc. These designs mostly became popular in the wedding ceremonies. Bridals draw Mehendi on their hands and use colors that are matching to their bridal dress, so they look amazing.


multi-color Mehendi

multi color Mehendi


Modern brides want to add some uniqueness to their mehendi with the use of different colour stones. These stones are available in different sizes and shapes, and add colour and beauty to mehendi designs. Here the big stones in the middle of the designs as well as the small stones all make these designs different and unique


 colour stones mehendi

colour stone mehendi


There are lot of Mehendi patterns in  Rajasthani designs and one of those beautiful pattern is floral design which gives your hand more elegant look. Here you can see variety of flowers featured  that portray your hand or feet with attractive designs. In wedding celebrations most of the bride prefer to apply floral design Mehendi as it gives traditional look.


floral Rajasthani design

floral Rajasthani designs


Here we see a beautiful floral and paisley design with minimal intricate details. The light glitter has been used to fill in specific sections of the design.


floral paisley henna design


Black Mehendi or Henna painting is an art form in India and the Middle East, and normally done on hands and feet with an ink that are used to create temporary Tattoos. Henna is a vegetable dye and it is totally safe for the skin and here you can see how it is applied in hands. It not only looks beautiful but also look trendy and different from traditional henna when used in conjunction with stones and glitter.


Black Mehendi painting

Black Mehendi


Bangle Mehendi designs are the mehendi designs which have the design of bangle or a bracelet in them. Indians love bangles and we love mehendi too, so this design serves dual purpose of ornaments as well as henna for hands.


Bangle Mehendi designs


This elegant peacock inspired mehndi design looks great on the hands of the bride. This mehendi design has traits of both Arabic as well as Indian mehndi.


peacock inspired mehndi design


The intricate mehendi design features minute patterns and detailed designs. The designs are closely done which appear a bit cluttered. There are shades, weave patterns, peacock feather patterns as well as floral patterns.These are beautiful bridal designs with a lot of detailing work. The floral designs on the palm are highlighted with shading and the fingers are decorated with various different designs .


weave patterns bridal mehendi



In Nikah it is a tradition for the bride to apply Mehendi art in both their hands and legs during wedding ceremonies. The Mehendi designs can either be completely coordinated with the hands or completely different from the hands. Applying Mehendi art in the leg gives more beautiful look to the bride legs along with her makeup, jewelry and costumes.


Nikah henna design

Nikah mehendi tradition


I opted for traditional Indian style henna design for my Nikah, seen below in pics are of course my hands and fingers of my sister in law :-*bsp;

my nikah mehendi
Some more henna designs


floral bridal design

beautiful bridal mehendi

henna designs for hand

henna for arm

We ladies love mehendi, dont we?  The lovely color and smell oh my.. itself is so beautiful that without henna marriage ceremony is certainly oh so incomplete in our Indian culture.The belief is- that women who have darker mehendi on both of their hands will have a husband who shall love them a lot.  I hope you must have enjoyed this post as much as I have when I was compiling all these lovely designs for you all lovely people. Until next time stay beautiful and think of  applying  heena on your hands for your loving hubby.

Have you selected your favorite henna design?

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