20 Beautiful Bengali Bridal Mehendi Designs


 20 Beautiful Bengali Bridal Mehendi Designs                                                      

Wedding is indeed a big day in any woman’s life and she tries her best to look her best on her wedding day not only because she wishes to make the day memorable for herself but also because she wishes to win the heart of her man on the very first day of their journey of life together. India is full of lavish wedding rituals, traditions and customs and since our country is a ‘Unity in diversity’ the different communities inhabiting our country keep incorporating various wedding rituals or customs from one another and thus we get to see a heavy assimilation of cultures in India not only in matters of wedding but in other areas too.

Here our focus however is on wedding since the wedding season is already upon us. Take for example the Bengali weddings. These days the Bengali Brides love to adorn their hands with Mehendi designs which however is not originally a Bengali marriage tradition but incorporated from other Indian communities, specifically from the North Indian and Central Indian marriages.

Bridal mehendi designs, it must be borne in mind are usually ornate and intricate. There are really some fascinating designs that can be done on the bride’s palm extending upwards slightly and even on the backside of the palm. A bride, these days wear mehendi designs on her feet as well. Today wearing Mehendis has become so popular in Bengali marriages that as soon as a Bengali girl’s marriage is settled she starts collecting the best Mehendi designs for her wedding.

Here I’ll list 20 beautiful Bengali bridal Mehendi designs for the soon to-be Bengali brides:

A beautiful bridal mehendi design with elaborate floral motifs

elaborate floral motif mehendi

A gorgeous bridal mehendi design inspired by Indian temple carvings and sculptures



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