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Recently I found a superb book I had got in the stacks near Flora Fountain, and had forgotten all about it. The book is called ‘Cindy Crawford’s Basic Face, a makeup workbook’ Cindy Crawford has written it with her makeup artist and friend Sonia Kashuk.

It’s a thin book, full of beautiful pics of the diva and her tips for basic makeup. It’s some 10 year old book and make up has certainly changed a lot, but since she is only speaking about the ‘Basic Face’ it makes sense even now, and is a great help for a newbie like me and some tips must be great even for experts.

Cindy Crawford’s makeup tips, Cindy Crawford’s Basic Face, a makeup workbook’

In Basic face she says ‘The biggest complement is when people think I’m not wearing any makeup and I just woke up looking that way. The worst thing that a person can say to me is that do my makeup well’

I’ll be writing down only the ones I thought were relevant and interesting.
Enjoy 🙂
1. For everything you don’t like about yourself, come up with something you do like. Could be your eyelashes, or colour of lips.
2. If you like your eyes but not your lips, put your energy in making up your eyes so they draw attention
3. Find beauty in flaws
4. Makeup washes with soap & water, don’t be afraid of trying new things – you might like it. Never try anything new when you only have 5 minutes before heading out the door. Give yourself time to screw up and wash it off.
5. Fashions will change and your skin texture too. Always reevaluate what you are wearing and how you are wearing it.
6. Makeup should never take more than 5 minutes tops! Fifteen if you are going to a black tie dinner
[this one seems impossible]
7.  So much of how makeup looks depends on condition of the skin. Cleansing is the only Universal requirement, though moisturizing is a close second. Many women don’t need a moisturizer on a regular basis. E.g. one may need it only in winters.
8. Sleep well. Drink enough water. Use sun screen. Don’t smoke. Take off the makeup before sleeping.
9. Remember, There are no rules

Foundation –

For me makeup is more about skin than anything else. I want my skin to look perfect yet not like I’m wearing makeup.

  • Choosing colour – The goal is to match skin as closely as possible. Once blended in, it should literally disappear into skin. Always test on face, as opposed to just on hands.
  • Stick with yellow based foundations. Even if your skin has pink in it, the yellow will help neutralize it. Remember, color should come from blush and lips, not from foundation.
  • Putting it on- You rarely need to wear foundation all over the face, just spot where needed.If you use it all over the face, blend it over the jaw bone and hairlines to avoid telltale lines.
  • Concealer – It would be the item if I have to choose only one thing. Handy for covering blemishes, zits etc. since if the skin doesn’t look good then all the makeup in the world won’t matter.Use in moderation, too much perfection and you look fake and unapproachable – 2 words you never want used to describe your face
  • Powder – It finishes a bare face, even if you skip concealer and/or foundation.It blends, Protects, Sets Makeup,extends the life of a Basic face,keeps shine in check.You need powder in every stage of the game, including in your makeup bag.
  • Putting it on– Powder sets whatever it’s put on. Including mistakes. Before applying look to make sure you don’t have any creases especially on the eyelids.Always use least possible amount of powder. You are never supposed to actually see it, only its effects.
  • Blush – Contouring is for cameras. In real life the point of Blush is to add colour to the face, not to reshape it.
  • Choosing colour – Select a shade that your skin would blush on its own. [pinch your skin if you are not sure of the colour] No one blushes in orange or carnation pink, so avoid them for a basic face.Not too light, not too dark. And its more important that the blush complements your skin, not the lipstick.Blush is a matter of balance. There should never be a concentration of colour anywhere. The objective is to achieve a gentle overall glow.Too much colour? Dust on a layer of colour to take off the edge.
  • If you are feeling pale, add a touch of blush to temples, forehead and chin. Once again, blend it to nothingness.
  • Eyes – the goal is to call attention to your eyes, not your makeup.
  • Where to begin – pare it down to the essentials. One thing that you can’t live without – could be a mascara, eye liner or a soft shadow across the lid…Assuming you want to do more than bare minimum, making most of your eyes boils down to the interplay of eye shape, depth and definition
  • Eyeshadow – Experimenting with colours is fine, but for your basic face, stick with neutrals. You may want to use your colouring as a guide e.g redheads look great with brick-browns, brunettes with mochas.
  • Putting it on – When working with more than one colour, start with the lighter tone then move on to darker ones
  • Blend well. You should never be able to see where colour begins and endAlways set finished eyes with powder
  • Eyelashes – Black mascara is makeup’s lBD It looks good on everyone.
  • Mascara – Take time to make it look natural. E.g. I do lots of thin coats, rather than one thick one.
  • Dust loose powder on lashes as a thickening agent between mascara coats. Just be careful that all powder is covered with the final coat.
  • Whether you are wearing mascara or not, consider using an eyelash curler, it can make a huge difference.If you don’t wear mascara, you need to remove the powder fallen on the lashes. Just take Vaseline or clear lipgloss and massage into the lashes. This will remove the powder and leave lashes with attractive sheen.
  • Eyebrows – Eyebrows frame your eyes and create an expression for the entire face. They have the power of visually open or close your eyes.If you need to fill in the eye brows [either to cover a bald patch or for a stronger definition] choose a colour a few shades lighter than the eyebrow hair
  • When shaping the brows, use your natural shape as a guide
  • Lipstick – Is emotional and expressive. Everything else could remain unchanged – your dress, dress, hair, other makeup – but add a new lipstick and nothing feels quite the same.
  • A change of lipstick can transform the basic face – – and in the process your whole attitude
  • Choosing colour – The most flattering shades bare some resemblance with your natural lips – nudes, roses, berries and soft browns
  • Putting it on – For most natural look of all, don’t outline the lips. Whether working with a pencil or a lipstick, start in the center of the lips and work out to the edges
  • To avoid lipstick getting on teeth, stick forefinger in mouth, close lips around it and pull finger out. Any exess lipstick will be removed.


Cindy Crawford’s makeup  look super model


One lipstick, four different looks –


1. Lightly dab it on for barely there lip colour
2. Wear it straight
3. Add gloss. This will make it a sheer lip tint
4. Put a layer of concealer on first. Add lipstick and gently blend. Or mix the two in your hand before applying. The colour will be lighter and more opaque.

Final touches – Before you put away the makeup and leave, step back from the mirror and see the whole face. Make any last minute adjustments.Double check that everything is blended away and consider the relationship between blush and lipstick. If you are wearing a bright lipstick, you may not need much colour on cheeks. Conversely a pale mouth may require a bit more blush than you normally would wear.Set your makeup with last dust of powder.
If all else fails then Smile 🙂

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  1. very simple and interesting tips albeit this contouring tip and doing makuep in 5 minute is something i don agree too : :snicker:

    • true..its actually impossible..but i do that in the morning…i dont take more than 5mins..but my make up isnt full fledged at all, so cant say…necessity is the mother of invention! 😉

  2. Hey All! I couldn’t touch the laptop today so couldn’t see the post and so many replies! So glad you all liked it 🙂 :)) 😀

    I have been thinking about the 5 min makeup thing since y’day. Now I realise, she is only talking about the basic face here, with very natural makeup. So if we practise it once or twice and keep in mind the eyeshadows and lipsticks that suit the look the task is easier and faster. Rest is a routine, not much changes in foundation etc. stuff.

    If we take more than 5 mins we can just say, ‘Ok, its not a basic face, so?’ 🙂

    • True! And even if possible, it won’t be any fun! Afterall we do the makeup because we like it, not because we want to wrap it up in a hurry, right? 🙂


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