20 Gorgeous Makeup Ideas To Go For This Season


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Makeup trends keep on changing with the season and what’s in this year is totally out the next! 2016 had a completely different approach towards makeup when we compare to 2017 and this year it’s all about experiments! From nudes to bolds, everything is making their presence felt in the makeup industry. And we love them all. And with summer knocking at the door, it is time for some cool experiments. Take out your neons and bright colour stuff and ready to rock this season with these 20 gorgeous makeup ideas. Dig in!

20 Gorgeous Makeup Ideas To Go For This Season:

Nude eye makeup with bold lips and vice versa? Not anymore! Go bold this year with everything bold. Pair some good bold lipstick with a bold eye makeup and set to rule the stage with this look. A favourite of mine to be sure!

Who classified lipsticks according to the season? I didn’t then why should I follow?  😉 Vampy lips are not restricted to winters anymore and if you dare, do it this summer. Go all vampy and dark this summer with some favourite black, blue, wine or even grey lips!

Orange lips are always trending in summer but have you tried really neon orange lips with absolutely no makeup? If not, then go for it this summer as it is trending right now. You will surely be the centre of attraction, I bet.

Metallic eyelids are definitely one of the parts of the metallic fashion trend. Right from Kylie Jenner Inspired Metallic Hair Tattoos to the Metallic Lip shades, everything is so metallic these days. And this is a boon for the party animals. You can show your hidden side with these metallic eyelids.

Strobing was one of the hot fashions in 2016 and this is no different in 2017. Strobing is still ruling the industry and this season, we are craving for some good highlight without contour (this is what strobing means! 😀 )

Lavender is one of my favourite colours and I love Lavender lipsticks (though they wash me out.  🙁 ) When Lavender eyeliner trend came into fashion, I was more than happy as now I can flaunt this beautiful colour on me without thinking twice. Will suit every skin tone and is a perfect option to go for this season.

  • Half-smoked eyes

You love smoky eyes, don’t you? But have you heard about half-smoked eyes? If not, then welcome to another trending makeup style of 2017 and no prizes for guessing, this is the half smoked eyes. Looks really unique and out of the box, this style can be many girl’s style for the night time. Love the look, though!

And the new baby in the house in the Red eyeliner. Yes, you heard it right! Definitely not for the faint-hearted, this eyeliner colour will rock your nerves and make you feel like the trending fashionista.

When we are writing about makeup trends that are rocking this season, how can we forget the cult classic red lips? Red Lipstick is always in no matter which season and year it is. And trust me, every skin tone looks like a diva in a classic red lip shade.


This year everything is glowing and your makeup too. Glossy makeup is in and why should the highlighter be left behind? Looks amazing on medium to dark skin tones, this trend will surely help you grab eyeballs.


Silver is the flavour of the season. Be it glossy or matte, this colour looks superb on your nails and makes your nails look so classy. No matter which outfit you are sporting, this nail colour will rock every outfit you have in your wardrobe. A universally flattering colour to go with, I personally love silver on my nails.

  • Glossy Pink Lids


2016 was the year of Mattes. Right from foundation to lipsticks, we had everything matte in the previous year but this year, its totally different. Dewy and Glossy makeup is ruling the world and one among them is the glossy pink lids. Looks very elegant and can be a good substitute for nude eyelids this summer.

  • Half Stained Lips

This might sound weird but if you love to experiment with your lip styles. you have it in your mind! Half stained lips are really trending this season and it looks quite unique on every skin tone.

When I am writing this I too have matte black nail paint on my nails and this explains my love for black nails. Gone are the days when people used to associate black with goth, now black is the trending colour this upcoming season. Don’t you love black matte nail paints?

Dark smoky eyes step by step+How to apply a smoky eyes+dark smoky eyes

Smoky Eyes can never be out of fashion. Black smoky eye look is perfect for night time wear, be it any season of the year. This smoky eye look is a classic, the older it gets, the better it is becoming. I personally love Black Smoky Eye look and I can simply create one by watching this easy peasy tutorial.


Pink has always been the colour of the summer months and this time, it is no different. This eternal girly colour makes your nails look super cute and yes, you can pair this with both traditional and modern outfits.

  • A major flush

Gone are the days when you loved that normal flush of colour on the cheeks. This year it is all extreme and so is the flush. Not for the faint hearted people, this dab of colour for your cheeks makes you look super chic but definitely, not for everyday wear.

winged cat eyemakeup

Cat Eye is ruling the makeup scene since last year and there is no sign to bid goodbye. Cat Eye look dramatic as well as sexy when paired with any skin tone and outfit. Girls are going crazy over cat eye liner style and we are not complaining!

  • Earthy Eyes

Earthy Makeup is many girls go to this summer. With Earthy colours ruling the stage, don’t forget to check my post on Top Earthy Lipsticks on Indian Skin Tones. Earthy eyes look so elegant and is a perfect option to for during office time.

brown smokey eyes tutorial

Brown Smoky Eyes is a superhit this summer. If you don’t like those dramatic black smoky eye look and prefer to go for something subtle, here you have it. Brown is a very earthy colour which doesn’t look over the top when applied even in day time. You can check the video on brown smoky eye look here

That’s all folks! Hope you have enjoyed this post. Don’t forget to tell which is your favourite?

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