20 Mascara Reviews


Is there anyone who does not want thick, long lashes?  Neighbours envy and owners pride for those who have natural lashes like that.  For us who don’t that’s where Mascara comes in.  If you are not sure which mascara is for you then below are twenty  fab mascaras that have been reviewed here on WiseShe just for you!

Lakme Eyeconic Curling Mascara

  • Price: Rs.250/-
  • Quantity:  9 ml

Lakme is really trying very hard to please their Indian fans.  With their new Iconic sorry, EYECONIC range of mascara and eye liner.  The mascara is really very nice and does not clump up the eyelashes, but rather make the eyes look big and pretty.  The staying power is quite long and true to its claim doesn’t just blacken but also shapes the eyelashes. It is water proof.  Read the full review HERE

MAC Zoom Fast Black Lash Mascara

 9 Best Mascara in the Indian Market+MAC Zoom Fast Black Lash Mascara

  • Price: Rs.830
  • Quantity: 8 gms

Dont expect this mascara to define the lashes as it is not made for that.  The first coat gives considerable curling and volume and after application of the second coat the lashes looked a bit lengthened and curled.  With a heavy application the lashes did not droop or curl downwards. It is water resistant.  Read the detaile review HERE

W7 Big Lash Mascara

  • Price: Rs. 299
  • Quantity: 12 ml

 9 Best Mascara in the Indian Market+W7 Big Lash Mascara

This mascara definitely adds bit of length to eye lashes but there is only a significant difference. There are no clumps with it unlike others which have bad clumpsFrownRead the detaile review HERE.

Avon simply pretty clear mascara

  • Price: Rs. 219
  • Quantity: 8 ml

 9 best mascaras in the Indian market+Avon simply pretty clean mascara

Don’t expect any major curling or lengthening of lashes; this only mildly defines them. Once dry, lashes still feel flexible and not stiff.  Read the detailed review HERE

Oriflame Wonder Lash Waterproof Mascara

  • Price: Rs. 298


This mascara separates each eye lash from the other and does not clump at all.  This doesn’t add volume but lengthens as well as curls.  The eyes do look big and beautiful even if you don’t have thick lashes and is fit for everyday wear.  Read the detailed review HERE

CLINIQUE High Impact Mascara 

  • Price: Rs. 900
  • Quantity: 07 oz/ 2 g

9 Best Mascara in the Indian Market+Clinique High Impact Mascara

The formula base of this mascara is neither too dry nor too liquid thus preventing it from flaking and clumping.   It does give volume and length to the lashes quite well and can be easily layered up to give a heavier look. It has a medium wand.  It is water resistant.

MAX Factor Xperience Volumizing Mascara

  • Price: INR 460
  • Quantity: 7.2 ml

9 Best Mascara in the Indian Market+MAX Factor Xperience Volumizing Mascara

This mascara has i-FX brush that covers each and every lash from top to bottom.  It’s the most light weight mascara and prevents the weighing down of  lashes.  There is hardly any kind of clumping and the shade black and brown is perfect for every day wear making the lashes look so natural as if there is nothing on the lashes.  As claimed it gives very light lengthening and vloume to the lashes.    Read the detailed review HERE

Street Wear Sheer Mascara

  • Quantity: 7.8 ml
  • Price: INR 2009 Best Mascara in the Indian Market+Street Wear Sheer Mascara

This sheer mascara gives soft definition to lashes as claimed and does make them appear longer.  Lashes feel mildly flexible and not spiky hard. If you’re expecting dramatic volume, curl and length, then clear mascaras are not for you. They only enhance and mildly define lashes.  When used on the brows, it takes quite some time for it to dry and may initially feel heavy. But once it sets, it feels light and holds well.  Read the detialed review HERE

Coloressence Waterproof All-Day-Wear Mascara

  • Price:  Rs.255/-
  • Quantity: 15ml9 Best Mascara in the Indian Market+Coloressence Waterproof All-Day-Wear Mascara

It’s a jet black colored mascara with perfect density – neither thick nor watery. The brush is a good one which helps application properly. It  gives a good healthy look to the eyes.  2-3 coats of it really makes the  lashes look thick and into proper shape. The staying power is very good and it stays without flaking for about 4-5 hours. It dries fast.  Taking it off is a bit of a task.

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