20 Must Know Chocolate Health Benefits



20 Must Know Chocolate Health Benefits

Okay..!! So now I am going to tell..mmmm..write something that will make some of you think that I have gone mad, some of you will wonder how and some of you will even have the urge to beat the hell out of me. There was a time I used to hate chocolates and eat only white ones. I couldn’t even withstand the smell of dark chocolates. But now I can have tiny bits of chocolates and somehow confused whether I like it or not. But irrespective of my confused relationship with chocolates, this remains to be one of world’s most favorite foods.


health benefits of chocolate


They say rich, delicious chocolates are capable of curing broken hearts. As a reward, as a gift, to encourage romance, or to burst a long stressful day, people eat chocolates to feel better, but there is more to chocolate than just a great taste.

The mention of cacao was found in the pages of history where it was considered sacred and was used to worship God and was also used in healing remedies and even as currencies.

Today chocolate is undergoing through researches as never before and the reason being that researchers have found this yumm food containing many health promoting properties.


chocolate health benefits


Lets have a look.

  • Chocolates protect the nerve cells in the brain and also improve memory.
  • Flavanoids again are known to contain antioxidants which protect skin from the damage caused by the harmful sun rays.
  • Eating moderate amounts of chocolate can lower the risk of heart failure.
  • The cocoa which is used to make chocolates contains flavanoids which lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
  • It improves the blood flow to brain and to heart and lowers the risk of blood clogging. Thus lowering the risk of strokes, cerebral attacks and heart attacks.
  • Nibble on dark chocolate to control food cravings.
  • Dark chocolates have fat bursting enzymes.
  • Boosts mood by increasing endorphin production and serotonin levels. Chocolates create a feeling of happiness and pleasure. No wonder people naturally reach for chocolates when depressed.
  • Magnesium present in dark chocolates helps digestive, neurological and cardiovascular system.
  • “Chocolate mat khao, dant sar jayenge” How many of us heard this from our elders? But I guess they didn’t know that Theobromine in chocolates prevent tooth decay by eliminating streptococcus mutans, a bacteria that contributes to tooth decay.
  • Theobromine also acts as a stimulant and cough suppressant.
  • Anti inflammatory properties reduce risk of cancer.
  • Chocolate is a great source of iron which helps prevent anemia.
  • It is rich in copper that aids in energy production.
  • A good source of zinc to help boost immunity.
  • Rich in manganese for skin integrity.
  • The anti oxidants gobble up the cell damaging free radicals reducing the chance of suffering from arthritis.
  • Chocolates help in elevated sex drive.

So? What do you think? Why do you reach for chocolates?

Do you have more information to share about chocolate health benefits?

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