20 Rare Beauty Tips That You Must Know


20 Rare Beauty Tips That You Must Know

Hello gorgeous girls,

Today’s post is entirely dedicated towards making you more beautiful with few handy tips. We all know one sure short cut to looking beautiful is makeup, but how about some making the whole comprehensive makeup a bit short with some of the short makeup tips.

Today I shall tell you all about some such rare beauty tips that every girl should know. Come have a look:

Mascara as Liner



So you just ran out of your eye liner!!!! Oh this is a big moment of Panic, since you ran out of eye liner just when your whole makeup was about to be completed.

Worry not & simply grab your mascara and an angled eye brush. An angled brush is a wonderful brush for eye lining, so you should definitely have an angled brush.

Hold the wand of mascara, and with the help of the angled brush take the mascara deposits from the tip of the mascara wand, now apply the mascara deposits with the angled brush like an eye liner. There you have a beautiful stroke of creamy eye liner.

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Get Attractive Fuller Lips

As you know exfoliation twice a lips keeps your lips healthy and attractive but this alone cannot give you fuller lips. To cheat fuller lips, extend the lip lines by using a flesh tone lip liner. Try to be precise and avoid going overboard. Alternatively you can use a lip liner matching to your natural lip color rather than the lip liner that matches your lipstick, to outline lips, this will also make your lips appear fuller & attractive.

To Make Curls Last

To make your curls last for long, always ensure that your hair is completely dry before you begin with the curling iron. This will allow your curls to last long. Also spray the heat protectant spray with hold on damp hair so that the hair stay protected & your curls last for long.

Fake Funky Hair Color

If you are someone who is thinking to flaunt funky highlights but for only a day or an event, you can fake them too without actually coloring your hair. Dust some bright blush or eye shadow in your ponytail to get the same effect.

Disguise Chipped Nails

If your manicured nails begin to chip and you are running out of time to get a whole manicure re done, then all you need to do is to grab a glitter nail paint and apply it on nails. This will disguise the chipped nails and turn them into glittery glamorous nails.



Be Friends With Vaseline

Vaseline do a lot more than you can imagine, a lash massage with vaseline before going to bed can help you grow lashes longer and thicker. You can use Vaseline to exfoliate lips, just a tooth brush and some Vaseline and you are good to exfoliate your lips. Vaseline is also a great eye makeup remover.

Painless Brows’ Plucking

If plucking and tweezing your eye brows is a painful process for you, then pluck eyebrows just after shower. After a shower your pores are wide open, so plucking brows is less painful this way.

Eye Cream For Cuticles



When you do not have cuticle creams, use your eye creams to hydrate your cuticles. Eye creams are very hydrating and when used in an excess amount on cuticles, they hydrate cuticles really well. Hydrated cuticles will give stronger nails.

Let Cheeks Have Lips Colors

When you are not carrying your full makeup with you, let your lipstick play the role of blush too. Use your lipstick as a cream blush and look gorgeous with the glowing cheeks.

Prevent Hair Color Fading

In the hot months of summer, use a conditioning treatment weekly or bi-monthly to prevent hair color from fading.

Where to apply blush?

This has been a common confusion. People know that blush needs to be applied at apples of cheeks but where to start from?
Allow about a distance of two fingers from your nose to where the blush starts.

Pouty Looking Lips

Apply a shimmery gloss to the center of your lips, both top and bottom, this will attract light to your lips and will make lips look pouty.

Avoid Mess During Nail Art

To avoid mess while doing nail art, rub olive oil around nails before you embark on a nail-art design. This will make removing excess polish easier.

Tame The Frizz

Frizzy hair are always a big problem. Serums are known to be the best to tame frizz but we do not always carry our serums with use or there can be a moment when you do not have hair serum in hand. In such a case apply some hand cream to your hand as you usually do and run your fingers through your hair. This will tame frizz to a great extent, but make sure not to overdo it or you can have greasy hair.

Let Balm Tame The Brows


If you do not have a brow gel in hand, apply your non –tinted lip balm on the brows to tame them. This will tame unruly brows and set them to stay in place.

Steam Nails For A Matte Look



This tip will most loved by matte nail colors’ lovers. Apply two thick coats of your regular glossy nail paints, and steam them for few seconds when the nail paint is still wet. The glossy painted nails will turn to matte nail colors.

Perk up foundation with Face Oil

Instead of layering on powder to keep your makeup looking fresh, press a few drops of face oil over your cheeks to refresh your foundation and create a super natural glow, without layering on powder.

Quick Dry Your Nails

“A woman is Helpless when she has wet nail paint on her nails.” This is true and I keep repeating it very often.
But this helpless moment is not lengthy anymore, just dip in your fingers in a bowl filled with cold water after you have applied nail paint. And there you have quickly dried nail paint. Cold water helps nail paint to dry faster.

Chill The Pencils

If your eye and lip pencils are very soft, put them in the fridge for about an hour before you sharpen them. This will chill the eye/lip pencils and make them less creamy for a while. When you sharpen these chilled pencils, there will be less waste.

Dry Brush Your Body

Before you take a shower, grab a body brush and gently run it up through legs and torso, down the arms and down the back. This technique is called dry brushing. This technique will take only a minute or two, but it’s invigorating, exfoliating and boosts blood circulation. Once you have taken shower rub body oil when your body is still damp. This will give amazingly smooth and healthy skin.

These were some rare, yet must know beauty tips. Hope you liked them and find these helpful.

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