20 Things Which Only Happens In India


20 Things Which Only Happens In India

India sure is a land of opportunities. We cannot deny that India is the place where anyone can make a name for himself doing the weirdest things possible. We are the people who can make our way to be pointed out anywhere in the world. People can recognize us from only a hint and we never turn an opportunity back to prove that we belong to this Motherland India.

I hope to bring out the idea of how much hypocrites we Indians are; maybe we can take out something out of this post and work towards it.               We have to be with our fellow Indians in their good and bad times and there is no possibility of running away from it.  It is better to learn from our mistakes and rise up. PS, this is aimed at a sarcastic run down but it definitely is a post on a lighter note. Please read with an open mind J

  1. We worship God to the hilt. We can feed the statues and idols but shoo away the poor


superstitious myths



  1. Superstitions are our birth right and we shall follow them, no matter what 


superstitious how to



  1. We can accept homos as auspicious but gays aren’t welcome in India 





  1. Who says a two-wheeler is meant for two people?


driving how to

Source: http://imgur.com/gallery/1TAMg81

  1. Even trains are meant to be riding on the roof top, if you can dance, even better!


travelling in train



  1. If you think you are only going to see cars and two-wheelers on road, think again!


indian traffic 


  1. You just have to honk at least a 100 times if you are in traffic. You know that the cars ahead cannot move but still if you did not honk you cannot be an Indian!


how to drive



You got to be kidding me if you have not witnessed a street fight! 


street fight 

Source : 



  1. We cannot miss our daily soaps, they are the lifeline of how we behave


 food fanatic


  1. Our weddings mean a lot of splurge on clothes, feastings and meeting a lot of relatives!





  1. We can barge in any marriage for the free food!


wedding review



  1. The empathy crying when the bride leaves for her new home. 




  1. Cricket is the most important festival, you cannot take it out of India 



  1. At a gathering, you have to have relatives who have not seen you since ages but they are your best buddies 



  1. Candle March is a must post Rang De Basanti for anything and everything


candle march how to


  1. You are not “well raised” if you do not greet people at gatherings


greet people how to


  1. You have to follow at least one messenger of God!


great saints


  1. We follow Athithi Devo Bhava way too literally by giving them “extra” Attention


tourists in india


  1. Begging can be our full time profession 


begging+ profession


  1. Last but not the least; we have to answer the nature’s call immediately, irrespective of where we are!


how to break rules



I do not think I need to dwell more on the go on this. You can simply love or simply hate India but for us Indians, we love our country so much so that whatever it may be, we just cannot leave it. We have withstood together the various things that happen and we feel no regret in saying that whatever good or bad happens here – IT HAPPENS ONLY IN INDIA.




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