2015 Lipstick Trends


Mrinalini Ghosh

2015 Lipstick Trends

Getting that perfect pout is the dream of every fashion conscious woman. One might not be lucky enough to sport the wardrobe of their favourite celebrity, but that sensuous pout, that can always be copied!

Going by the trends seen at the various fashion weeks and red carpet events we can say that the bold lips look is what is the trend this 2015. However pinks, plums and nudes still have their hold.

Now let’s look at the colours that have been rocking the various fashion weeks, movies screening, red carpets and other star studded events. So all the ladies out there I suggest you get you pen and paper ready to list down your next buys.

Forever classy Red

Forever Classy Reds

Be it the fiery red or a darker blood red shade, red lips can never go out of fashion. So for those celebrities who wished to make a statement with minimal effort red for sure was the shade they went for at the various red carpet events this .

And the some of the perfect shades you can wear to floor the world are:

Cute in Pink

Cute in Pink

Nothing can be more feminine than those pretty pink pouts.  So be it the cute bubble-gum pink flaunted by JLO at the Oscars 2015  or the hot pinks lipstick lovers of all age were seen raving about this season . However for those looking for that pop element, you can opt for more vibrant purples and bright fuchsias.

For that perfect pink pout some of the shades which you can try are:

Plums and Berries

Loreal Paris Persistent PlumInfallible Lipstick

Plums and berries are not colours only to be worn in fall. If you want bold lips yet you are hesitant about trying out reds, purple plums, cherry berries or dark wines are colours for you. With Chrissy Teigen flaunting her bold dark plum pout at the Oscars this year , you can rest assured that this shade is for sure the trending of this season.

Some of the shades you might want to try are:

Simple in Nudes

Simple in Nudes

For those who want to keep it simple and flaunt their natural tones nudes for sure are in this season. Nudes can give you that perfect seamless look with a fresh glow and fuss-free feel. Be it the red carpet the movies or press events nudes was sure a trend followed everywhere.

So some of the must have shades are:

And, these were some of the lipstick shades rocking the year 2015. So ladies! be it the classy red, dark plum, sexy pink or the subtle nude, pick your favorite and go flaunt those sexy pouts.

Have you tried these shades in trend in 2015?

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