2017 Oscar Look of Priyanka Chopra + Video


Hello, Priyanka Chopra fans!

Piggy Chops is a diva, isn’t it? Whatever she does or wears becomes a trend in itself. Right from her Miss World days to the recent Golden Globes awards, her fashion sense and style has always been appreciated. And she has always kept it so beautiful and sexy that no fashion police ever had a complaint. And the recent Oscar looks is the latest entry to this list of beautiful looks by this gorgeous. It is like an added feather to her cap. She has not only made India proud in the film industry but has stood out in the fashion industry too! Today’s post is all about the 2017 Oscar looks, the product breakdown of her looks and the recreated version. Dig in!



priyanka chopra inspired look cover


This look is an inspiration from Priyanka Chopra and I tried to be as close as possible! There is a skin tone difference between us and so the colours might look a bit different. But the look is the same!

priyanka chopra inspired makeup 1

As usual, I started my makeup with my eyes! I always do this and advice everyone to do the same too as there are less chances of fall outs then. And even if there are some, you can always wipe them out with a wet wipe without harming the base makeup.

So let’s start the eye makeup!

At first, I will fill the brows with a brow pencil and define it with a brow gel. Don’t overdo it as it will look messy and not normal. But make it a little strong as Piggy Chops has Oh my brows! kind of eyebrows. 😛

Then applying some brown eyeshadow from the NYX Adorable Palette on my crease and dragging it to my inner corners. And with a round circular motion, I will blend this eyeshadow up.

Now applying Champagne shade from the same palette on the eyelid portion just like PC.


nyx adorable india palette price TASO1

Now applying Nykaa EyeM black kajal on the lower and upper lash line and waterline too!

Now with a pencil brush, smudging the upper and lower lash line kajal.

Now applying the Falsies and don’t mess up!

And wolla! Eye makeup is done.


priyanka chopra inspired makeup 3

Then I headed over to my face makeup. This is the part that requires much attention as I don’t want to be patchy or streaky. Getting a flawless base like Priyanka is a tough job!

Now applying foundation which is my favourite – Mac Studio Fix Foundation in the shade NC 42

Now removing all the fallouts and applying the concealer which is the MAC Pro Conceal and Correct Palette.

mac concealer and pro palette

Now setting up with Maybelline Master Fix Setting + Perfecting Loose powder which is so good.


And then applying Mac Matte bronzing powder and contouring the sides of the face which is really important. Blending is a must!


sigma cor de rosa aura powder


Now topping the apples of my cheek with a blush which is the Sigma Cor- De – Rosa Aura Powder. This blush, like the gorgeous Priyanka’s look, is not overpowering but makes the look so beautifully soft and rosy.


Powder Matte Bronze

And lastly, to my lips! For my lips, I have applied Wet and Wild lip pencil in the shade Chestnut, I have also filled up the lips so that there is no pigmentation.

And then applying the lip colour – MAC Fast Play to my whole lips. This is a moisturising lipstick and to make it matte apply the Maybelline loose powder.

priyanka chopra inspired makeup 2

And your look is done!

Watch the video here:



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