2017 Trend – Bohemian Beauty Back In Style


Hello, ladies!

Gone are the days when the Bohemian look or nomadic people used to be stated as ‘uncivilised’ and ‘uncultured’! Bohemian fashion is in vogue now and every other girl, who loves to be in trend is sporting some or the other bohemian touch in their look. Right from Dreamcatcher earrings to a golden sun-kissed bronzed look, this nomadic fashion is being madly followed.


I always used to love that Backpacker couple who used to travel with us when I used to go on a holiday and their carefree attitude towards life. I was always influenced by carefree people and always adopt the nomadic way of life while travelling and now when this very trend is ruling the fashion world, I can sport it anywhere and everywhere.

And if you are reading this post, I guess you love Bohemian fashion too or is trying to love it. So without further adieu, let’s see how we can look and feel Bohemian on an everyday basis!

Bohemian Beauty Back in Style:

Face and Body are the ultimate places to experiment with your looks. Bohemian look demands a sun-kissed glow on the face and body which can be achieved by tanning or bronzing. Make sure you have that nomadic touch to your entire body which will make you feel very earthy and glowy.

This look demands minimum face makeup and so make sure that your skin is glowing from inside.

Bohemian look demands some fiery waves that are set free with the wind. And if you don’t find those loose curls comfortable enough, then go for a loose braid.

The texture in your hair is really important when you are opting for a Boho look and your hair should show your wild persona. Be free and let your hair down to achieve this look.

Eyes are the most dramatic part of any Bohemian look. Strong, bold eye makeup is the signature style of any Bohemian trend and you will love that extended winged liner, graphic liner and even that colourful eyeshadow look with a pop of colour.

Eyes speak your persona and Bohemian makeup calls for a dramatic eye look with loads of colour and panache.

Lips are one of the centres of attraction of your face. Now Bohemian fashion calls for two types of lip shades – nude or bold. Choose whatever suits your image. Remember, you are a carefree Bohemian soul.

Experiment with your looks and don’t forget to make that lip colour be your style statement. Go for some bold colours that are eye-grabbing or some neutral muted colours to make your eyes do all the talking!

Nails, though occupy a very small portion of your whole makeup, gives us an idea of your persona. If you are opting for a cool and chic Bohemian look, keep your nails in accordance to that. Make them the mirror of your happy self.

Let them be bright, adventurous and yes peppy to the core. You can even add your bit of creativity and make some nail arts on them!

That’s all folks! Hope you have liked this Bohemian post. Do try them this summer.

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