21 AMC Inglot Gel Eyeliner Swatches & Photos


Hey beauties

Today is going to be a fun day for all you Inglot lovers. 😀 Why!!! Well coz I have got you all the gel liner swatches in a single post! Yay to that….   :dance-left-right:

First I would really like to thank the sweet SA at the store who actually swatched every  shade on my wrist for me.The point is the liners were all dry and it was difficult to get them swatched with a brush so she actually did it with her fingers.Not to forget the “swatch-clean her finger-swatch-clean again” thing she had to go through for all the 20 shades. So really a big hug to her and from now on I am never going to say that Inglot SAs are rude! :P.We have covered Inglot liquid eyeliner and gel eyeliner  swatches here also.

About Inglot Gel Eyeliners :-


  • Price – I got them at 30% discount from shoparmajorbrands.com in Rs 476. for 5.5gm
  • Available Inglot right now has two stores in India – one is in Delhi and another in Mumbai.
  • Packaging  – Comes in a transparent round jar so it is easy to check the colour inside and  has a black lid on it.

Inglot gel eyeliner shade 74, 73, 80, 81,76 swatches

 Ok.So where do I start! Ummm let’s pick the one on Top left  74  🙂

(From left to right)

Inglot Gel Eyeliner 74: A dark plum eggplant shade.Am sure most of you people have this with you.Here is a detailed review.There is an EOTD also done with this eyeliner here

Inglot Gel Eyeliner 73: A light purple with slight pink undertones. I guess it would look almost grey on the lids.not something I would personally pick but can work as a nice eye shadow base. 🙂

Inglot Gel Eyeliner 80: A coral-red and a beautiful one at that. It looks more coral in pics but believe me its more red than what it looks like.I so wanted to try this out but dint have much time on hand so skipped the idea.No idea what I’ll pair with this but it definitely looks beautiful. :heart:

Inglot Gel Eyeliner 81: A dull coral. Again would make a nice base.Not something I would like to line my eyes with.  :struggle:

Inglot Gel Eyeliner 76: A white. If you like whites then this is really a nice pick. I would really like to see if this can be used to alter the darker shades a bit. Some other day may be….will update you on this. 🙂

Inglot AMC Gel eyeliner shade 74, 73, 80, 81, 76 swatches

(From left to right)

Inglot gel eyeliner 75: Just a tone dark to the eggplant shade 74.Again it will look beautiful on most people. If you like purple/plum/eggplant shades then I suggest you either pick  74 or 75.

Inglot gel eyeliner 72: Pink! Such a cute one this is. I’ve seen the SA with this pink earlier and it looked beautiful on her dusky-dark skin. Will definitely add funk to your look. 🙂

Inglot gel eyeliner 71: A baby pink. Ummm not sure how this is gonna look. May be I can use it in a romantic valentine day makeup…Not sure but quite an interesting shade. Isn’t it. 🙂

Inglot gel eyeliner 79: Hot red. This is a bright red with a hint of coral that I would love to use on my lips! Seriously…I want a lippy in that shade now. Need to search  :search:

Inglot gel eyeliner 82:A vibrant blue.Similar to the stila one Zee reviewed but a little dark and less purple. White /pastel shade shirt, Denim blue jeans and eyes lined with this…rocking. :heart:

Inglot gel eyeliner 75, 72, 71, 70, 82 swatches

 The 10 shades together.

20 swatches of inglot gel eyeliners+Inglot gel eyeliners reviews and swatches

Moving on to the next 10 colors.

 Inglot gel eyeliner 78 77 83 84 85 swatches

(From left to right)

Inglot gel eyeliner 78: A dark grey with a hint of brown & blue. Sorry for the confusing description but it looks exactly like the swatch on my wrist. O:-)

Inglot gel eyeliner 77: Plain old black. Nothing striking about it. Would have loved if it was at least a tone darker if not the darkest.  :-/

Inglot gel eyeliner 83: A Navy blue/Indigo. Will look wonderful on most complexion.it has a hint fof purple that makes it a unique shade.

Inglot gel eyeliner84: Yellowwww. :D  So bright and so summery. My fav these days. I am so going to pick this some day. Will totally brighten up your eyes if you have the confidence to sport it. 😉

Inglot gel eyeliner 85: Another fav from the gel liners.this is a n amazing parrot green.Am sure it will look beautiful and funky on the eyes. On my wish list. 😀

Inglot gel eyeliner 90 89 88 87 86 swatches

Inglot gel eyeliner 90: A deep brown.If pencil liners do not show up on your eyes I suggest you go for this. It is a universal shade that will suit everybody.

Inglot gel eyeliner 89: A purplish-grey 😛 Don’t know if there is a word like this…but couldn’t find any other shade in my color dictionary. :nerd:

Inglot gel eyeliner 88: A light pastel blue. Would make a nice base.Iif you are really into eye makeup in a big way then go for it.I can not do justice to this shade so have to skip….

Inglot gel eyeliner 87: Do I need to explain it to you.May be we should all ask Phil or Ana. :vampire:HERE is the link to the review.if you still want to know more about it. O:-)

Inglot Gel eyeliner 86: A beautiful earthy green to suit everybody. Liked it a lot.

The 10 shades together.

 20 Inglot gel eyeliner AMC Swatches+ 20 inglot gel eyeliner AMC Swatches

Phewww! That was too much color for me in a day!

Hope you all have a colorful day. :))

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  1. omg all of them are lovely jyoo !! :yippee: well done :hug-makeup: and a hug to the sweet SA :cute:
    no, 74,74,75,77,78,83,90 andddddddddddddddd 86 :rock-n-roll: :hug-makeup: :rock-n-roll: :hug-makeup:

  2. A biggggggggggggg thank you to jyo and a biggggggggggggggggggggg hug to ana for making this one stop place from Inglot and Faces …. :yippee: :yippee: :yippee: :yippee: :yippee: :yippee: :yippee:

    loveeddddd all the colors but dont have any 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 i wantttt them alllll if not all at least few of them :dance-left-right: :dance-left-right: :dance-left-right: :dance-left-right: :dance-left-right: :dance-left-right: :dance-left-right: :dance-left-right:

  3. 75&86 r my favs here.. Dey look so pretty..
    Hats off t u fr switching all of these to show us 🙂 this is a real treaty d eyes..

  4. jyotiiiiiiiiiii u r a swetheart :heart: dey r gorgeoussssssssssssssssssss i want all of dem except 88 O:-) when r u gifting me jyoti O:-) 😛 n big hugs to d SA :tap-dance: n oh even kolkata has inglot store :dance-left-right: :dance-left-right:

  5. First of all THANK YOU for going through the pain of swatching all the shades! I wanted to try a gel liner, and in order to get a decent brush, I opted for Maybelline this time. But Inglot gel liners are on my list too! I am loving the shade 75! If I want to try more shades, now I know where to look for before I go out to purchase!! Al the shades are so lovely and what more, such a huge selection!

    Hey, btw Inglot is here in Kolkata too!!

    • Welcome nivi. 🙂 Maybelline is nice no. i like it better than my inglot 74. 😛 bt some of the colors are to die for n that makes inglot special. 🙂

  6. Wow!!! Hats off for the effort that you and the SA both put in for getting these amazing swatches for us..I love 87 and 75 all of them are real pretty..even the yellow and the coral one


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