21 Best Bengali Sarees Design


By Prerana Sharma,

West Bengal’s climate is hot and humid thus the saris are made up of such a material which gives comfort to its wearer. The most famous are Bengali Cotton Saris, which are famously known as “Tant”. The Saris which is worn by Bengali ladies are colourful and vibrant and for every occasion, there is a special sari!

The cotton saris usually have prominent border with soft tissue paper type texture. There are various types of prints done in the saris like floral prints, solar prints and even modern art is also printed on saris. Let me show you the types of Bengali saris :-

Bengali cotton saris are commonly called Tant saris. In early days it used to be hand woven but now majority of them are machine woven. They have bright colors with decorative borders

indian sari fabric


saree sari

sari fabric

bengali sari

sari fabric


These saris are basically of Bangladesh origin, and its name is derived from Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka. In Bangladesh, weavers use fine Egyptian cotton, while the Indian weavers use the indigenous raw material. Still, Daccai Jamdani saris are very famous in West Bengal ladies.

The traditional Daccai Jamdani is woven by hand, and many take even up to one year to weave a single sari. It feels supple to the touch and drapes gently.

indian saree

best bengali sari design

SILK Baluchari, Korial, Garad –
Mulberry cultivation and cocoon rearing is carried out mainly in the districts of Malda, Murshidabad and Birbhum in WB.

Baluchari is a village on the banks of the Bhagirathi river in Murshidabad district. So it got the name. in these type of sari, weavers create independent pattern. This sari is usually five yards in length and 42” wide. The body of the sari is covered with small butis and a beautiful floral design runs across the edges. The anchal or pallu has the main decoration.

Some Pure silk Bengali Saris are below…

Pure Silk Saris

Indian sarees

bangladeshi saree

sari design

The Korial
The Korial lal paar sari is what u see in TVs, white sari-red border. It is identical to the Garad except that the red border is intense and solid in it. This sari is associated with Durga Puja, that is during festive season, Durga Ma is worshipped and offered these saris.

The Garad
To be honest, earlier I never used to understand difference in Korail and Garad but my mom said, korial is plain red&white whese as Garad silk sari consists small floral patterns in its white part.

Pashmina silk sari

designer sari

best saris design

Pure Silk sari with Zardosi work

designer sarees

Banaroshi Sari (mostly worn in marriages)

bengali sarres design

SuperNet Sari

designer sarres from bengal

Few pics I took in sari showroom

I bought the paper silk with muslin work sari from this showroom, whose pic I gave above.

What do you feel about the Bengali saris? Did you like them?? 🙂


  1. you look lovely in the blue saree 🙂 wow i so much love saree 😛 you know i keep taking my mom’s sarees every now and then and end but breaking their press 🙂 esp tanter saree lol then she gets mad on me 🙂
    hugs for doing this article 🙂

  2. Wow Prerna awesoem collection :yes: I prefer cotton sarees over the others and now I’ll definitely look out for bengali sarees enxt time 🙂 Thanks for the post 🙂

    • lol..and see me, i myself bought 3-4 cotton saris from Nasik B4 coming to Delhi with my hubby, although i don’t wear them regularly but i love to wear them in occassions and Durga puja.. :yes: :yes:

  3. Wooow…. liked them & buy silk sari :-)) :-)) :-)) … 2-3 days ago i have bought 6 saris .. 1in half net,2 pure embroidery work saris,2 Jaipuri bandhage work saris & 1 in latest mixed bead work.. for my marriage ( although it is not decided..even i haven’t engaged till now 😉 😉 😉 ) i love to wear saris :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

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  5. 1in half net,2 pure embroidery work saris,2 Jaipuri bandhage work saris & 1 in latest mixed bead work.. Thanks for liking bengali sarees Maha.

  6. Its very nice as I am going to dance at the fedth on 9th January every body looked stingingly thank you perena😊😊😊😊👯👰👱

  7. Great selections. awesome post for talking about bengali saree. Whenever we learn about the term bengali saree, the very first factor that arrived to thoughts are an attractive bengali women draped inside a bengali saree.

  8. India has been admired for its wonderful ethnic dresses and costumes. One of the most expressive and admired Indian ethnic wear is Sarees for women. Indian Sarees have upheld its esteem right through the ancient times. Even in this contemporary era, a feminine dress Saree is unforgettable.

  9. Simply amazing, very simple and quite glamorous, I love these designer sarees you can actually wear in any occasion without any hesitation. Thanks for sharing and I really love your site.

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