21 Beautiful Bracelets!


Hi Ladies


Another section of jewelry is ornaments for your hands. Usually bangles, bracelets or kadas are used to decorate ladies hands. Bangles make a traditional wear where as bracelets and kadas are worn as a fashion statement.

My craze for silver ornaments continues even in hoarding silver bracelets and kadas. Some plain silver kadas, marcasite silver kada, some beaded bracelets, few multi colored beads bracelets and few multi thread beads broad bracelets.

My only intention in show casing my jewelry collection is to attract ladies towards silver ornaments. I wish more and more ladies go crazy for silver jewelries. Wear jewelries as long as you breathe. 🙂

Ok. Excuse me for being a little insane when it comes to the matter of jewelries.

Flaunting my bracelet collection. I wish at least one WiseShe reader goes in search of silver bracelet after having read this post.

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Oxidized silver balls bracelet


jewellery+fashion accessories+Oxidized silver balls bracelet


Some plain silver kadas


 jewellery,fashion accessories,jewellery fashion trends, bracelets

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Very simple designed kadas


jewellery+fashion accessories+Very simple designed kadas


Marcasite silver open ended bangle


jewellery+fashion jewellery trends+Marcasite silver open ended bangle


2 similar design flower bracelets of marcasite stone


jewellery+fashion jewellery trends+flower bracelets of marcasite stone


A zig-zag designed marcasite silver bracelet


jewellery+accessories+zig-zag designed marcasite silver bracelet

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A square shaped design bracelet


jewellery+fashion accessories+square shaped design bracelet


Color beads combined with silver balls bracelet


jewelley+fashion jewellery trends+Color beads combined with silver balls bracelet


Stone studded in silver. A design that is one of its kind!


jewellery+fashion accessories+Stone settings in silver


This is my favorite piece



A multi colored single strand bracelet and a multi- strand bracelet


jewellery+fashion jewellery trends+multi colored single stand bracelet

What kinds of bracelets do you like wearing?


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  1. OMG!! Simply amazing collection Chandni! 😯 Do u run a jewelerry store or sumthin??? :-)) Evry piece is so exquisite! :inlove:

  2. OOOOO so pretty…. <3
    loved flower bracelets ,sky blue stone one nd …yes yes ur fav too <3
    simple yet beautifull 🙂 🙂

  3. You know chandni….. you make me want to shift to Jaipur 😀
    I always bookmark your posts and show them to my mom about what I would like to have, you know, if she is feeling a bit generous 😛

  4. Ur a die heart ..jewellery and accesssory lover na..Chandini!!
    just drooling ur collection! Awesome is the word! :yippee: :dance-left-right: :chic: :inlove: :drool: :yes:

  5. wowwww !! 😯 :yes: :yes: awesome jewellery collection chandni, chandni luvs chandi 😉 :blush: :hug-makeup: m a gawaar wen it comes to n.p’s and jwellery 🙁 🙄

    • I reveiwed Clarins HP white plus cleanser ( yet 2 be posted) ……………these are fab productssssss…..I’m guessing foaming cleanser should be good too….

  6. That’s quite a collection Chandini!! 🙂 I wear more of bangles though, I will keep an eye out for these when we have exhibitions in our citiy 😀

  7. What a timing for this post Chandni! :dance-left-right:
    I am already going crazy to buy some chunky silver braclets and I saw some really cool ones at Colaba Causeway recently..planning to go there again and hoard some braceltes!!! 😎 :dance:
    You have really nice ones! :hypnotized:
    Thanks for this post! 😉

    • Theres a small tiny shop on the cause way near leopold…..he has fantastic silver / marcasite silver stuff but slightly expensive never sells by weight. he also caters to kiron kher….get into his good books and he will give u a discount. hes called bharat i think. 2 brothers.

  8. to be true…u stand up to your name Chandni! :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup:

    I liked the blue one – the last but one pic …


  10. love silver jewelry and these bracelets are really gorgeous. must have been expensive..:) btw guys am off to Bombay this week and though i had asked this question before wud any of you know where I can find kryolan prodicts close to Andheri? also will be on the lookout for MAC products (I think the inorbit in malad has a store right?)..btw if there is anything else I shud be picking up while in bombay let me know..I will doing my usual junk shopping – kurtis, chappals etc..have my list ready 🙂

    thanks in advance

    • kryolan shop is right next to mega mall andheri lokhandwala
      . thats the only shop in and around the area…
      Mac is in inorbit and ya its in malad and does not have faces, inglot, nor Bharat & Dorris. Infinity enormous is also in Malad right near inorbit but that has only faces, bharat & dorris and Inglot and no other makeup brand. Both have TBS. Ya go to Elco market – link rd bandra…bang opposite the elco market is a leather chappal seller…he gets export rejects. very cheap and very good quality. and inside elco market there is a shop called Ambar textiles….their cotton batik cloth never runs. u can buy all types of nighties n night suits and short kurtas from there. only for women 🙂

  11. Loving zig zag cause its soooooooooo dainty and multi strand. would u belive it chandni if i told u i have the matching chain and earings for the piece – stone studded in silver ? so u have the bracelet and i have the earings and chain….n u have the bracelet ummmmmmmmmmmmmm

    WHERE DO U LIVE????????? 😀

    Sweet stuff…enjoy


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