21 Gold Jewellery Design (Bengali Jewellery )


Gold in skin care and some Bengali Gold jewelry designs

By Prerana Sharma,
Gold and beauty is like “ak sikke k do pehlu”, they are directly related to each other. From traditions, gold has held great value in enhancing beauty. Very few girls know that Gold is also a part of Ayurveda. There are many scientific proofs about healing properties of Gold. Ayurveda says, the use of gold can cure various ailments like increasing blood circulation, making the skin glowing etc,.thats why it is also used in Chavanprash etc..

Some Benefits of Gold –

1. Do you know Gold has anti-bacterial properties, it also helps to diffuse oxygen directly into the skin (of course in a long period of time), making functioning of the body cells well and increasing the energy of the body.
2. Gold can revitalize and rejuvenate the skin along with enhancing the physical beauty.
3. Due to the polluted environment, many toxins build up in our body, UV rays of sun slows down the cell renewal process. Gold has therapeutically properties of regenerating new cells.
4. We age due to oxidation of free radicals, Gold can reverse the effect of oxidation damage to skin cell, hence the natural ageing is slows down..
5. Gold also purifies the skin by removing the toxins from the body. It increases blood circulation in the body and stimulate the Lymphatic drainage systems of body so that the wastes and toxins are eliminated from body smoothly..
Some Traditional Bengali Gold Jewelry

Bengal gold jewellery in India

There are 2things to identify a married Bengali lady, one is her cotton saris and 2nd is Sakha-Pola in her hand. Sakha is basically white bangle made up of Shankh in different designs and pola is red bangle symbolizing color ofËœsuhaag.
Wearing Sakha-Pola for a Bengali lady is must, ya many ladies are there who do not wear them just coz of their own choice but majority of Bengalis take proud to wear Sakha-polas. For daily wear, ladies wear simple Sakha-Pola, but for special occasions, they were special Sakhas and Polas embedded Gold in them in different designs (called as Shona badhano Sakha-Pola)..The above pic of Sakha-Pola is one of them..

You can buy same on Amazon here.

Bengali Gold Jewellery Design

Take a close lok at my Polas..

You can buy Red Polas with original gold on Amazon here.

Bengali Necklaces :

This is called a “Menakari Necklace” (Below)

Special color is used to paint on the surface of gold ornament. This enamel is permanent on the gold and looks fabulous in comparison to simple gold jewelry. Since the color is very expensive, Menakari jewelry are costly too..

Gold Jewellery In Bengal

The image below is of traditional necklace I got from my sasu-ma at the time of my engagement.

These type of designs are coming from traditions…beautifully crafted which is capable to fill up whole neck area but the only drawback of these necklace is it can be worn only occasionally !

Indian bengal jewellery design

In Bengali culture there is no custom of wearing “Mangalsutra” after marriage like other Indian ladies, those who like it personally, wears it but normally Bengali ladies are not bound to wear a mangalsutra. So for those who like to wear a mangalsutra just for beauty, there is a slight modification in Bengal and instead of black mala, ladies here wear mangalsutra in different coloured malas. Here are few mangalsutra which I have in white, red and maroon mala..

Gold Jewellery bengali Bengalo gold jewellery design

BesT Bengali Jewellery in India

Well kangan is a thing which is worn by ladies all over the country, but these particular kangan of me is crafted in typical Bengali design, that’s why I decided to include it here..

Bengali kada design

Traditional bengali kada

This is a Shona badhano Loha, that is, a thin iron bangle wrapped up in Gold. In Bengali culture, ladies have to keep some sort of iron piece touching their body all the time right after their Haldi Ceramony (during marriage). So to Glam up the boring black iron kada, it is wrapped up in Gold and given different shapes like kangan..Modern girls who don’t wear sakha-polas, never miss to wear sona badhano loha..

Bengali traditional jewellery

This is a gold bracelet which I wear with western outfits..again a touch of tradition with Om, Swastik sign and bel patra hangings..

benagli jewellery design ankelete

This earring is different from any normal earring as the normal one hangs on the pinna of the ear where as this earring named as “Kaan earring” covers the whole ear. This design is specially made with a Bengali traditional touch and is worn my brides mostly during their marriage..

gold bengali jewellery earings

Below are few earrings for daily / semi-occasional wear..

bengali jewellery earings

Gold jewellery earrings

Gold earrings collection in India

Gold earrings in India

ethnic jewellery design

best earrings design of bengalis

Gold earrings design

Bengali Jewellery Design

These are few finger rings purchased from West Bengal’s jewelry shop, so they have a typical Bengali touch, can u figure out the difference with any modern jewelry design??

simple gold jewellery design

Benagli ring design


In this article I have included the pictures of those ornaments which according to me had a typical Bengali design, since different cultures of nation are merging and designs of one state are no longer a subject of copy right of that particular province, many of the above ornaments may not look traditional to you, so plz forgive me for that. I tried my level best to sort out Bengali Traditional Jewelry from my stock for you as much as I could…

Hope you liked my design:)

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  1. hey nice stock you own 🙂

    we are telugu reddy’. my mum has always asked me to buy her these ‘white & red’ bangles . i didn’t have any bengali friends nor did i know where to buy.worst-i didnt know what to ask for 🙂 so now i know these are called sankha & pola 😀 and nor white-red exactly !!

    again a question…how could i lay my hands on a pair of these ?

    • you go to any place / town of West Bengal, sure u’ll find it and more so, u can find these sakha-pola in your neighbor state Orissa also 😀
      simple red-white sakha-pola are available along with gold embedded sakha-pola (and these are worn by married girls only 😉 😉 )

  2. hey,i’m a bengali. and i love the concept of shankhaa-pola. i’m not married yet though. 😛 u have all these jewelleries? o my god, they r soooooo beautiful. all of them are pretty..i just can’t mention any specific one. u hav a droolworthy collection.. :-))

  3. Wow !!! These Shankhaa pola look so traditional. I never knew that Bengalis have no Mangal Suthra (Find a nice handsome Bengali guy for me will you ? 😉 ).). Your Menakari necklace looks very elegant. I think I ll get one too 😀

  4. Prerna, the polas are the most awesome of the collection above. I’m still drooling over it :hypnotized: And the kangan is also very good. You have such an awesome collection :yes:

    And no mangalsutra??!! From now onwards I’m going to follow bengali traditions 😀

  5. Thanks for this post. Our country has such varied rich cultures. Love your jewellery collection esp the ‘shakha’. I have seen women wear it and I did not know the significance of this. Lovely post you have written. Wish you a happily married and prosperous life 🙂

      • This is what I like about your blog Anamika. It is not just about make up but about every thing under the sun that means something to us women. Keep up the good work! :clap-n-jump:
        P.S. : I love the smileys here, esp this one :hammer:

  6. ur collection r 2 good,I JST LUV THEM keep it up. :makeup:
    luv u nd ur degiens dear . nd i’m sarmista 4m guwahati(assam)

  7. hello i love the sankha & pola bengali bangle .i am getting married to and wonderfull bengali man ,i would love to wear them but i am french can i wear them after the wedding thank you for your time . ?:-)

  8. hi
    each jewelry piece is lovely
    but those Bengali bangles are really beautiful
    but sadly Sakha-Pola is not available at Punjab :’-(

  9. great article! I am a little confused about wearing jwellery after marriage. I have heard that it is absolutely necessary to wear bangles on both your hands after marriage? could you please tell me what the rules are when it comes to bangles (for a bengali married women?? just the absolutely necessary things?

  10. I am planning to marry and kind of inquisitive to know what a ” bowti ” is? How does it look and if any of you has a picture of it can you kindly share that ( even a hand drawing will be great). I also want to know if a bowti is made totally of gold or is it encasing some iron or other metal? Plz let me know.
    Thank you!!!!

  11. i want to know how to search sidur dani pics exactly what need to write to google?pls advice me becoz i am making marriage card and needed clip art from where i can get this

  12. i urgently need smart nd contemporary designs for ‘noa’. it is for my to be daughter inlaw. can anybody help with the choice of designs?

  13. Is this white and red bangles a tradition for all married ladies?
    I have seen, many people wearing this?

    Such a nice post… I wish Wiseshe will post all Indian Culture’s (south/north/east/west) traditional wearings like this.

    Interesting post.. Ana I would like to see more.. Next who’s up to post?


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