24 PCS Makeup Brush Cosmetic Brushes Set From Buyincoins.com Review


Many of you must be knowing that when Buyincoins.com contacted us and offered 15% discount , I ordered their 24pcs makeup brush cosmetic brush set πŸ™‚

24pcs brush set in just Rs 500 πŸ˜‰ I didn’t have much expectations from them but still I ordered because I had read some good reviews about their website.Even Mitra got 88 warm pallete and blushes set and Bhumika too .

Makeup Brush Set

I ordered them on 20th and product got delivered in 20 days .It was nicely packed and it arrived without any damage but one thing which surprised me was the word MAC written on them. So basically they are fake MAC brushes set. I myself have few MAC brushes so it doesn’t take even two minutes in identifying them.

I like the leather case as now it is easy for me to find the right brush


Makeup brush set in India

There are some 5 fluffy  brushes – when I used them it  felt as if I am using shaving brushes on my skin :rotfl:.QVS and vega brushes are better than these one.

Makeup brushes

Though these  24pcs set includes all the beauty brushes you’ll ever need


Cheap MAC Brushes

Leaving beside above five brushes all other  are of average and usable  quality and if one is a beginner in makeup then there is no harm in trying them.Most of them are soft and blending with them was not difficult too.


I washed them once and still the fiber of the brushes remained intact that was quite a relief.


MAC brushes set

Sad thing was the MAC label. Every brush had MAC written on them and I don like using fake MAC products .Company is too dear to me πŸ™


Fake MAC brushes

Will I recommend it to others – If you are a budding makeup junkie and want to practice  before you get all the original MAC make up brush set then it is not a bad thing to try but I am not buying them next time for sure πŸ˜›



  1. even i’ve ordered for a 7pcs brush set .. but that i did before the discount thing….
    i got them abt 4-5 days ago, will share that with you :-)) :-))

    • yup i hope they r good..and if u r using brushed for the first time then you might like them too πŸ™‚

      i have used QVS, Vega, bodyshop , MAC and few others..so according to me they were of pretty average quality but not bad indeed.

  2. Fake MAC!!!!!

    OMG !!! I dont think it would have hurt us had it been a random brand rather than misusing a brand name… :shame: :shame:

    • yup i wouldn’t have mind it..and mitra what abt the paletts they too must be of fake qualities..don u think πŸ˜›

  3. I know..they r not bad if one is a beginner but as I have many many brushes they will come last in my list…but what upset me is the company name:(

  4. Thanks Anamika for the honest review :yes: Atleast this will help amateurs like us to be aware of fake stuff available online 😐

  5. hi all,i m a beginner in makeup :blush: :beauty: …n i m thinking of buying brushes frm this site..which brush set z best among them???(i mean those pinkwhite brushes or black ones) :silly: :silly: n howz the blush palette mitra..n which one 2 choose frm 88 palette n 120 palette???helppppppp girls…. ?:-) ?:-) ?:-)

  6. hiya

    glad i found ur site.

    really enjoy reading the articles.tried the egg vit e pack for my daughter’s hair.its amazing i am using it often too.
    :laugh: :laugh:

  7. I am very confused using these Brushes..don’t know which brush to use for what purpose :-(( ..I generally use bigger brushes for Blush and smaller ones for eye makeup..correct me if I am wrong


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