7 Colorbar Eyeliner Reviews & Swatches


Colorbar Eyeliner

 There will be no eyeliner addict who wouldn’t have tried Colorbar eyeliner.I am compiling few of Wise She Favourites 🙂 which our team has reviewed .Enjoy!!!!

Colorbar i-Glide Eyeliner in Flirty Turq Review

  • Price: INR 350
  • Color: This shade can be best described as a vibrant peacock blue or a royal blue shade.
  • Pigmentation & Texture: As all Colorbar eyeliners, this one is also super pigmented. It glides like silk and just a single swipe is more than enough to get a dense color on your lids. Though, one have to be careful because it’s so creamy that the tip may break if pressed too hard.


colorbar-i-glide-Flirty-Turq-swatches+colorbar i glide eyeliner flirty turq reviews

Colorbar Kohl Intense Eyeliner Mysterious Blue 002 Review 

It’s a matte  blackend blue shade which doesn’t smudge unless I rub my eyes .Also, as the eyeliner is really creamy I think it might smudge on those who have watery eye problem.Shade reminds me of my blue school blazer which was of ink blue shade.

  • Price – INR 350 for 3.5gm (Indeed expensive)

Mysterious-blue-002-colorbar-swatches+colorbar eyeliner mysterious blue swatches

Colorbar I glide pencil in silver Hue 01

  •  Price –  Rs 325

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colorbar i glide eyeliner silver hue swatches+silver hue eyeliner

Colorbar I glide In Glowing Sapphire

  • Price:   INR 350

colorbar glowing sapphire reviews+colorbar i glide

Colorbar I-Glide Eye Pencil Electra Review:-

  • Price– Rs 325 of 1.1gm

colorbar i glide eyeliner electra reviews+colorbar i glide eyeliner electra swatches

Colorbar I-Glide Pencil Cocoa Bar Review & Swatches

  • PRICE -  Rs. 350

Cocobar is a brownish black eye pencil. Very pigmented.As the name suggests it’s supposed to be true brown but It’s not one complete color but with a dual personality. A single swipe gives a brown dominated tone. But repeated layered swipes show Black shade. This shade will suit any skin tones

Colorbar-i-glide-eye-pencil-Cocobar-02-swatches+colorbar i glide cocoa bar reviews

Colorbar I-Glide Eye Pencil Coal Mine 09 Review & Swatches

Oh! It’s a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful charcoal black eye pencil. The claims by the company is completely true, this eye pencil glides like a silk on your eyes, very smooth and soft. Doesn’t smudge at all, so you really have to define your eyes quickly before it gets set.

  • Price – Rs. 350


Which is your favourite Colorbar Eyeliner?

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