25 Quick And Easy Heat less Hairstyles


Summers are here and it all about that sweaty and dry hair! Yukk isn’t it? Summer calls for dryness in hair and all more because of heating tools like blow dryers and hair straighteners. So let’s take a pledge – this summer we won’t let our hair damage continue and will continue the entire season without heating tools. Thinking how? Well, we have then the right solution for you. Decoding 25 heatless hairstyles that you can do this summer and that too in just 5 mins flat! Dig in!

25 Quick and Easy heatless hairstyles!

  • Pony Tail

This is the cult hairstyle. A simple ponytail can never go out of fashion especially when we are talking about summer hairstyles. This is the all time trend and one of the most favourite among people who are on a rush. This is a hairstyle that requires no skill, no mirror!  :rotfl:

  • Puff Pony Tail

Puff ponytail is nothing but simple ponytails with a puff at the front. And we don’t need any heat for doing this hairstyle. This is also made famous by none other than Deepika Padukone and now it is followed by the masses. Well, it is simple and looks so gorgeous on every face type! An additional pro – It makes you look taller. Ask a short girl like me!  😛

  • Fish Tail Braid

Fish Tail braid style came at least a year ago and it is showing no sign of bidding goodbye. This summer, this will turn heads for sure and will be an absolute favourite among those who have long hair.

  • Rope Braid

Rope Braid is the easiest sort of a braid that one can do. I used to do this for my whole teenage years as I had no knowledge other than this. This looks really classy and it can make your hair look longer. Trust me!

  • Messy Bun

Messy buns became an instant hit after Deepika Padukone did it in one of her film promotion events. This style is super chic and also, even the mistakes won’t get noticed.  😛 You can simply make a bun of your hair and make it messy. We are really good at making something messy and so its so easy. You can also attach some pins or clips to secure the bun.

  • Braided Updo

Well, this is simple! Let me explain. Take your hair and make a simple braid. Then twist it and form a bun sort of a thing on the head. You can pin it up with some pins or even some accessories to make it look prettier. Well, that’s it.

  • Scrunty waves

Surely waves are in this year and time for girls with wavy hair to relax. This year it is all about chic hairdos and some looks that go well with every occasion. Scrunty waves are one of those to look out for. You don’t need a heating tool to do it plus can be done on every hair length.

  • Half bun hair style

Only bun, double bun and now Half bun! Bun is buzzing the hairstyle field.  :laugh: This sort of a hairstyle looks super duper chic and you can do this on your short hair too. So this hairstyle is just apt for one and all.

  • Tiara hair style

Tired of those Snapchat filters wearing a tiara? Well, wear for real. This tiara hair style looks amazingly beautiful on any hair style and even you can wear it to any wedding ceremony. Gives that angel kind of look!

  • Waves without heat

Wavy hair is in this these days and just take a break from those Poker Straight locks! You can do your own No-Heat Wavy hairstyle in just a few minutes. Take some Aloe Vera gel and then apply to the lengths of your hair. Then make a braid and keep it on for 15-20 minutes. If you want some prominent waves, keep it on for the whole night and then voila! wavy locks waiting for you.

  • Wear a turban

Gone are the days when turban used to be a manly thing! And especially in a country like India, where the temperature touches 45 degrees at some places, it is always better to keep your head covered and wearing a stylish turban is always a hit! Protection with style – that’s what we want right?

  • Add some flowers

Accessorise your hair and make it look awesome. This is the simple trick many of us follow and with spring-summer round the corners, flowers are an easy way out. Add some flowers to the bun or braid and make yourself the real princess.

  • Two braids in one!

This is another braid hairstyle that you can do with all oomph within your limited time. Part your hair and make two individual braids and then combine them to form one!

  • Cotton Candy Bun

Cotton Candy bun is a boon to people who have frizzy hair. You can take advantage of the frizz and make a bun out of it that looks like cotton candy. Yummy but not for the tummy!  😀

  • Bubble Pony Tail

Bubble ponytail is one of the cutest hairstyles listed here. It looks so girly and can be worn with any type of casual outfits. It will add volume to the hair and will keep the length at its original form.

  • Double Bun

Double bun may sound a little weird but is an absolute favourite summer hairstyle for many. You can simply make two buns either side by side or up and down. And yeah! It can go with your office wear too.

  • Double Braid

This is one of the oldest hairstyles which perhaps every girl has done in her teenage years. And this is in now! Making double braids has several benefits – keeps you cool and also your hair free from pollution. And you can do that in straight 5 mins.

  • Head Scarf

Head scarfs are really in these days and are pretty easy to work with. You can take a head scarf as per your clothes and then make a cute hair style with it like this.

hair style

Watch the tutorial here

  • Pony and Braid 

“Fickle is fun!” – And that’s not only restricted to bags!  😉 You can add some extra jazz to your hair style this summer by combining a braid and a pony in one. Just make a braid on one side of the hair and then pull back your whole hair and then make a ponytail. This will look really classy and even the most boring days will turn fun.

  • Bohemian Side Braid

Boho styling is back in fashion with the latest show of all Bohemian fashion at AIFW 2017. So why not hairstyle? This Bohemian braid can look so chic and pretty when teamed up with out casual as well as formal wear. Way to go Boho fashion!

  • Pull through braid

As the name suggests, pull through braid is nothing but pulling out the braid strands to make hair look fuller and more voluminous. This is an apt hairstyle for thin hair as this will make your hair look thicker and denser.

  • Tie it up

In this hair style, make a braid taking the midsection of your hair from the front and then make a ponytail at the end. This will look chic and you can wear this hair style with any look of yours.

  • Take and twist

Take some hair and then twist it with the next strand of hair. Then take another strand and twist it with the previous one. Like this go on till the other side and then make a simple pony tail!

  • Bun it up

Buns are one of the most easy-going and comfortable hairstyles that you can opt for this summer. Just take all your hair and make a bun out of it.

  • Puff and leave!

This is probably one of the simplest hairstyles you can do without making it time-consuming. Just make a puff on the hair and leave the rest as they are. No need to touch them and you can use a makeup fixer to fix the thing up!


You can see the video here on 3 easy hairstyles by Tony And Guy:


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