3 Best And Easy Sources Of Vitamin D


By Gunjan,

Few days back we all girls sat together and talked about our vitamin supplement intake. Every woman takes vitamin according to her body requirement and there are a plenty of vitamins which we take because we know we are suppose to take them.While we were talking about many vitamins few of my friend got  stuck on vitamin D . I knew about it as my doctor warned me about it before.


I thought of discussing it briefly on wise she what are the three main and best sources of Vitamin D are  so that it might help out the readers.

Vitamin D helps in avoiding mental conditions like anxiety and depression which most of us suffer somewhere in some form or other nowadays.So few affective sources of vitamin D are:-

Sun – Yes we read about it but very few follow it as most of us suffer from the anxiety which is shared by many with regard to skin cancer caused by long exposure to the sun. These fears do hold true to an extent but small doses of controlled exposure benefit the health of a person.So taking a 10 minute walk outside home/office between 4 t0 5 pm without any sunblock on is going to give energy which will make you feel good.

Vitamin D in Foods – Egg yolks and fish oil are the main source of Vitamin D from food.For vegeterians, Vitamin D can be found in green peppers, citrus fruits and juices, strawberries, tomatoes, broccoli, turnip greens and other leafy greens, sweet and white potatoes.

Vitamin D Supplements – It is definitely advisable to get all the vitamin D mineral from natural sources but if still one is not able to manage it then a reliable vitamin D3 supplement is advisable.

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