3 Best Uses Of Baking Soda


3 Best Uses Of Baking Soda

Hey girls!

Lately I had been doing some DIYs and sharing them with you. It is so much fun. And in most of the home remedies or DIY, I have found the major role of baking soda. This ingredient could be of this much use, I never thought that. This is one amazing ingredient loaded with astonishing results. I have been using this in almost everything.

So, today I decided to put the best 3 uses of baking soda. These 3 problems are very common and baking soda is the best ingredient to be used. It might not be something unknown to some, for others how about gathering some super easy usage of baking soda?

blackhead removal face pack

1. For super shiny hair

Baking soda is amazing when it comes to remove any residue or film that may linger on your hair after you wash it. In short, for a squeaky clean scalp and bouncing hair, use baking soda. Mix baking soda with your shampoo and wash and condition as usual. This will get rid of any build up on your hair.

2. For beautiful knees and elbows

Getting beautiful knees and elbows was never so easy. But now it is with a scrub that makes the whole task a lot easier.
Mix together lemon juice and baking soda to create a paste, then rub on elbows and knees daily! Refrigerate excess! The lemon will naturally lighten skin and the baking soda removes dead skin making this concoction very effective!

3. Uplift your skin at home

It is super easy to uplift your skin at home with a magical face wash. No, you don’t need to rush out to get any expensive face wash. You can do this at home with ease.All you really need to do is mix a tablespoon of baking soda with your favorite face wash and voila, an instant and very effective face wash!

Did you like the amazing uses of baking soda? How do you use this superb ingredient?

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  1. Nice post Shivangi.Thanks for sharing. I have a question, would adding Soda to shampoo and face wash not alter the chemical constituency of those?
    Awaiting your response with my FW and Soda in my hands 🙂

    • Hi mitra 😀
      Sorry for replying almost at the end of the day 😛 brace yourself it is gonna be big.
      Let me shell out my chemistry lab knowledge here 😛 see, baking soda is basic in nature or what some call alkaline. On the pH scale, the basicity of baking soda lies near pH7 that means, it is a very poor base and hence can be consumed by human because it cannot alter with the pH level of our body or skin. And face washes and shampoos are made to control the pH of our skin and scalp, i.e they too are neutral in nature and hence adding baking soda in water, face wash or shampoo doesn’t alter any chemical constituency. They may not be exact pH7 on scale but are on the neutral side. Similarly dont we use vinegar for conditioning our hair? Because it is also a very poor or weak acid and hence is on the neutral side. You can now safely play with this ingredient, mix it in your food or any skin care product. I hope this little gyaan by a science student cleared your doubt 🙂

      • Hey shivangi ru chemistry student? I completed my M.pharmacy in pharmaceutical chemistry, and i worked as asst.professor in b.pharmacy college, i used to taught organic chemistry for 1 st year b.pharmacy students and medical chemistry for final year students. what u said is completely true, baking soda is mostly neutral, it neither change or alter consistency of face wash and shampoo.

  2. I use it weekly once along with my shampoo, and also on my knees and elbows, nice post Shivangi,

    Can i add 3 more-

    1. To remove darkness of under arms, mix baking soda and water, make thick paste and use it regularly, one can see difference within 10 days.

    2. If it applied with puff in underarms, it will keep underarms fresh, and acts deodorant.

    2. To remove darkness around mouth, just make a paste of baking soda, use it weekly thrice, one can see much much difference, but don’t scrub to much, it may hurt skin, rashes may occur.

    I learned these from wise she only.

  3. Cool.. I have a bag full of baking soda.. Let me start working 😉 I have been doing the third one regularly.. But will start with other uses as well.. Thanks Shivangi 🙂

  4. I like using it as a scrub for face but with a light hand, and it acts like a at home microdermabrasion and agree it is the best way to naturally detox hair and scalp as well. great article 🙂


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