3 Body Shop Love Gloss Photos & Swatches


Body Shop Love Gloss

  • Best if you want to: Create alluring lips with brilliant color and shine.
  • Best for: all skin tones
  • What it is designed to do:The specially designed heart-shaped brush has a reservoir that stores the gloss during application for an even layer of shiny color.
  • Organic, virgin, cold-pressed Community Trade coconut oil softens and conditions skin.
  • Community Trade cocoa butter is an excellent moisturizer that melts at body temperature, leaving skin soft and silky smooth.
  • Price – Rs 595 for 7.50ml

The Body Shop Love Gloss


Body Shop Love Gloss Shade 11 Raspberry

Highly pigmented red colour lip gloss , very smooth and yet shiny lip gloss.

Body Shop Love gloss raspberry


Body Shop Love Gloss 13 shade  Pale pink


This has pale pink shimmer in it which is semi transparent.Will look fab on those who have pink lips or can like using  pink lipsticks or lip glosses.

Body Shop Love Gloss 13 shade pale pink

Body Shop Love Gloss Shade 16 Fuchsia Flush

This one is a glossy muted fuchsia which is semi transparent.

Body Shop love gloss fushia flush

It has this heart shape lip gloss which is similar to L’oreal lip gloss


Body Shop love gloss India

Swatches of Body Shop Love gloss


Pale pink, Raspberry, Fuchsia flush (LtoR)


Swatches of Body Shop love gloss

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