3 Concept Eyes Triple Shadow In More Brown Review, Swatches & EOTD


3 Concept Eyes Triple Shadow In More Brown

Hello Sweeties,

Few months back, I bought several makeup products from well known Korean brand 3 Concept Eyes. Today I would be reviewing their triple shadow in More Brown.

About 3 Concept Eyes Triple Shadow In More Brown

3 Concept Eyes Triple Shadow is a pearlescent and pigmented set of eye shadows designed to be layered with each other, to create gorgeous, feminine looks. Each trio is color-matched, containing a highlight shade, all-over base shade and a darker shade for contouring or lining. Silky soft texture resists falling out, creasing and lasts for the entire day.

3 concept eyes triple shadow in more brown

Triple Color Match

  • Create the appropriate makeup for each occasion with these tone-on-tone and tone-in-tone eye shadows.

Gloss and Shimmer

  • The pearlescent glow will leave you with a glossy and shimmering finish without flaking out.

Easy-blend Texture

  • Have a natural makeup look with these soft textured eye shadows that blend flawlessly.

Long-lasting Emollient

  •  The emollient formula will leave you with a silky smooth, neat and long-wear makeup

Available in 5 glowing color sets:

  • Tintin: Match this soft pink and apricot beige base color with pinkish brown, to create a lovely sweet look
  • Lemme See: A warm purple color variation for mystical eye makeup
  • More Brown: Neutral brown color variation, classy and perfect for all occasions
  • Body to Body: Romantic color variation featuring rose gold shadows to give an innocent look
  • Nonono: Ultry bordeaux wine color variation matched with neutral beige to create beautiful, sensible makeup

Price- 24 USD or Rs 1530 for 3.7 g.

My Experience with 3 Concept Eyes Triple Shadow In More Brown

I got this eye shadow from the brand 3 concept eyes from Luxola site along with their cream blush coral coral. This range of triple shadow has 5 shades, but I picked More Brown for myself. I had actually ordered for their Aqua mist but they could not send that to me and instead they sent me an option to pick any of one the eye shadows from their triple shadow range. So let us check out the review and find out if it is worth the money.

3 concept eyes triple shadow in more brown Packaging

Packaging- This eye shadow comes in black round pan with a see through cover. There are three strips of shadows in it. All three shades are shimmery. Pan is quite sturdy and information regarding the shadows is mentioned in the outer carton but in different language. So i could not make out anything out of that. Packaging somehow resembles Mac shadows. Shade name is mentioned at the bottom of the pan. No mirror or eye shadow applicator or brush is provided with it, so for touch ups one must carry an eye shadow brush separately.

3 concept eyes triple shadow in more brown Product

Shade- More Brown is a variant of triple shadow range that comprises of three different strips shades. All shades are similar and belong to same family of gold. First shade is a pretty champagne shade with fine gold shimmers, second one is a pretty gold shade and the third one is a pretty brown gold shade. However, on pigmented eye lid, these shades would not look much different and it will be difficult to show up the variation of shades. From all variants this one would be the flattering shade for Indian skin tones. I see myself wearing this mostly during wedding functions.

3 concept eyes triple shadow in more brown Shade

My Thoughts

Pigmentation- More Brown is a nicely pigmented eye shadow variant. It is not intensely pigmented but quite build-able and shows up nicely over a primer. Without a primer, I had to layer it up for desired intensity.

3 concept eyes triple shadow in more brown Close look

Staying Power- I was not expecting much staying power from this shadow, but I was proved wrong. One 2-3 occasion, I have used it and even after 5-6 hours I have seen these staying intact on my eye lids. So it has incredibly high staying power. Even without a base it stays on my eyes for longer hours without creasing. I did not experience any fall out but with a primer its staying power increases and it looks more intense.

3 concept eyes triple shadow in more brown Swatches

Texture & Finish- The texture of this shadow is silky soft, shadow is finely milled and does not contain any kind of chunky shimmers. All the three shades in More Brown variant come with pearlescent finish. There was no wastage of product while swiping the surface with a brush.

3 concept eyes triple shadow in more brown EOTD

What I liked about 3 Concept Eyes Triple Shadow More Brown?

  • Nice eye shadow with 3 different shades of gold.
  • It is pigmented and quite buildable.
  • It is not at all chalky.
  • Quantity is 3.7 grams, which is pretty good.
  • It has very subtle shimmers that impart sheen.
  • Staying power without a base is nearly 5 hours without creasing; with a base wear time can be extended.
  • I did not experience any fall out with this shadow.
  • Its texture is soft and silky.
  • Packaging is sturdy and classy.

What I did not like about 3 Concept Eyes Triple Shadow More Brown?

  • Not easily available.
  • No mirror or eye shadow brush is provided with it.
  • All 3 shades might end up looking similar on eyes.
  • It is sold at exorbitant price.


Shade: 5 out of 5

Pigmentation: 4 out of 5

Staying Power: 4.5 out of 5

Price vs Quality: 3 out of 5

Texture & Finish: 5 out of 5

Availability: 3.5 out of 5

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5

Will I repurchase it?- This shadow will last me for a long time. Though personally I really loved it, but I am not going to repurchase it. It is damn costly and also not easily available.

My Overall Recommendation- I would recommend this variant from 3 concept eyes triple shadow range shade for warm olive skin tone beauties. It looks flattering with traditional outfits and can be worn at many occasions, yet the price factor and availability issue can be a dampening factor. I have bought several stuff from this brand, I find their products to be above average but very high on price. So I would buy their stuff if I get good discount or offer.

Have you tried 3 Concept Eyes Triple Shadow More Brown before?

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