3 Easy Steps On How To Get Chiseled Cheekbones


3 Easy Steps On How To Get Chiselled Cheekbones


Aren’t we always lusting after the perfect cheekbones. Just a look at Chitrangada and Kareena makes us covet their high cheekbones. But the truth is that not everyone is blessed with naturally high cheeks. After a post on highlighting and contouring, here is a quick guide to help you achieve an enviable jawline.

First of all prime and prep your face as you usually do with your favourite foundation and concealer. Now take a look into your vanity and take out the chiselling-weapons.


how to get chiselled cheek bones

  • Bronzer – You can’t get chiselled cheeks without it. I’m sure that most of you think this way. But babes, you can easily swap bronzer with a darker foundation. Best bronzer shade for your skin is the one that is almost 4 shades darker that your usual foundation. If you can’t find such a shade, still try to find one that is at least 2 shades darker.
  • Highlighter – A must for all beauty geeks. Take a suitable highlighter but again if you don’t have one, then go with light shimmery blushes or eye shadows.
  • Blusher – To add a warm and fresh look to your face, a blusher that suits you is a must. Take the one that goes with your skin type.

Now stand (or sit :-P) in front of the mirror and start painting yourself.



Step 1

Make fish face or just pout a little to locate the hollows of your cheeks. Trace the slanting hollows with the bronzer. Start from the middle of your ear and blend in downward strokes, stop your brush just a little above the corners of your lips. Proper blending is needed here as you don’t want to go out with a diagonal on your cheek. Make the bronzer dark for evening events, otherwise keep it subtle.

Step 2

Now look closely in the mirror and find out the points where the light falls on your cheeks. These are the highest points of your cheeks. Swirl some highlighter here. Highlighter diffuses the light and makes your face glow.

Step 3

Finish the chiselling with a soft blush. Smile and locate the apples of your cheeks. Apply the blush here for a flushed look.

At last seal your makeup and do the rest of your face. All the eyes will be on your cheeks. Now you don’t need to envy the divas because you will surely look like one, if you follow the above steps well.

Did you like this tutorial on how to get chiseled cheekbones?

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