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Today I am going to review FE shower oils. I have noticed shower oils in various makeup and drug stores here. I dint really know how to use it. I always picked up the body lotions instead. This winter I decided to try shower oils.

FE shower oil costs about 1,175 rupees for 200ml. I was a bit hesitant to invest on a single product as I dint know if I would like it. So I decided to try the travel pack bottles of 50ml for 340 rupees each.

Not all products are available in the travel pack size. There were only three varieties available and I picked all of them. The products are – Indian Rose Absolute, Mashobra Honey & Vanilla Shower oil and Madurai Jasmine & Mogra.


Forest Essential Bath & Shower Oils Review+massage oil


About Forest Essential Shower Oils:-

Forest Essentials bath and shower water soluble oils, include completely pure, naturally distilled essential oils in organically grown, cold-pressed base oils derived from a variety of plants, fruits and nuts to leave your skin supple, silky smooth and beautifully hydrated. Each sensual blend not only treats the skin in a specific way but also leaves it lightly fragranced.

Basically all shower oils are same except for the fragrance i.e. the essential oil in it. Each fragrance has specific essential oil and rest of the ingredients remain the same. This is the reason I clubbed the review of all three shower oils in one article.

Forest Essential Shower Oil Ingredients:-


Forest Essential Shower Oil Review Details+fragrance oil


My experience with Forest Essential Shower Oil:-


As all shower oils are water soluble they get absorbed easily. They don’t leave a greasy layer on the skin instead makes it very silky and soft.

I have used the rose essential oil the most and I find it the best. Yes you may say they all are almost the same but the essential oil in it makes the difference. I feel so relaxed and calm after a bath or shower. Indian rose essential oil is known to relieve stress. It does work and how! I have simple become a fan of roses after using the FE rose themed products. The fragrance of rose shower oils stays on for a longer time compared to the other two.


Forest Essential Mashobra Honey & Vanilla Shower oil+jasmine essential oil.JPG


Next up is Mashobra Honey & Vanilla Shower oil, it does sound more like a dessert isn’t it, well the fragrance is more like a dessert than a bath item. I found it to be more moisturizing than the rest. It looks like honey and is a bit thicker in consistency. Overall I like the shower oil but I don’t want to smell like food after a shower  :-p


Forest Essential Madurai Jasmine & Mogra Shower Oil+fragrance oils.JPG


Madurai Jasmine & Mogra is my least favorite among the three. I am not a fan of Jasmine or Mogra. I really don’t have much to say about this product. I would suggest one to buy it only if you are a fan or jasmine or mogra fragrance.

How do I use the shower oils –

Shower oils have come to my rescue this winter. I am too lazy to apply body lotion after a shower and as a result my skin is always irritated. With shower oils you really don’t have to do a lot save your skin. I apply it on wet skin and it only takes 4, 5 drops to massage on the entire body. It spreads quite easily on wet skin. Alternatively I also use the rose one during my bath. It is the mostluxurious, relaxing, romantic and spa-like bath. Only a few drops are enough to let the bath &shower oil work its wonders. I made the bath extra special by lighting some rose-scented candles and adding some rose petals to the bath. You can pamper yourself or prepare the bath for your loved ones, trust me they will feel extra special.

Here is a picture of the luxurious, relaxing, romantic and spa-like bath I prepared 🙂


Forest Essential Shower Oil Review Bath+rose oil.JPG


 Have you tried Forest Essential Shower Oils ?


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  1. Ohhhmyy.. wat a soothing pic (last one).. Now, I want to get myself a calming shower..
    You made such a wise decision by selecting 3 travel sized botller than a single bottle..
    and your description of Rose Shower oil.. make me weak on my knees.. I am goona add these soon in my Bath essentials.. 🙂 🙂

  2. Wow Nice haul Deeps :yes: I was thinking of picking FE bath oils myself,now you have cleared my doubts,I will go for rose one and what a pampering bath :-))

    • You wont regret if you buy the rose one… Anamika in that case you need such a bath the most… you can pamper yourself when she is asleep or in some other way but it will really re-energize you 🙂

  3. wow…what a lovely bath experience that must’ve been. I used to to light scented candles n lie in a tub too. But now after bein a mommy it’s all just a dream. Now all I can do is look at that picture and SIGH! :-((

  4. I can so imagine myself lying in that tub with the vanilla wala shower oil….uv described it so well that all I feel like doin is slipping into the tub n falling asleep 🙂

  5. Wow!!! This seems promising. I have been looking for a shower oil. I know Loccitane has one. Now I know FE has 3. Which are the other brands who have shower oils?? I have a dry skin and I think it will work perfect on me.

  6. FE has many more shower oils how ever just few in travel size bottles. I have tried some local brands here but dint find it as effective.


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