3 Habits That Can Damage Hair


3 Habits That Can Damage Hair


Hello gorgeous 🙂

Can we do some mane talk today? Of course, we can and we should to make you aware of the horrendous habit we are plying on when it comes to our beautiful tresses.

You shampoo them, condition them, style them and you say you care about them. Do you really? I don’t think so because somewhere we are indulging in some habits that damage our hair and we don’t take a notice.

Not exaggerating more, I will be focussing on the 3 common habits we all have that damage our hair.
3 things we do everyday to our hair that cause damage. Do you know what these are? Are you guilty of them? Read on to find out.

Manhandling Wet Hair:

Wet hair are really fragile. The structure of hair when wet is so weak that they are more prone to breakage. Do not ever comb your wet hair. To avoid split ends try not to rough dry your hair with towel, instead press the water out. This will keep breakage to minimum and frizz at bay.




Don’t brush when wet. You can start brushing when they are 80% dry and at this time they are ready to style. Always use wide toothed wooden comb.

Using Dirty Brush :

Just like you clean your makeup brushes, you should be cleaning your hair brushes. If there is a bunch of hair and old product in it, it is a breeding ground for bacteria and holds more hair and oil residue.

Take all the hair out of brush after each use and once in a month give it a good cleaning. To clean your hair brush, mix baking soda and water. Take old toothbrush, swish it around in solution and gently brush up the bristles of the hair brush. Rinse thoroughly for a squeaky clean brush.

Over drying your hair :

If you have colored or chemically treated hair and you are constantly using heat styling tools, you are doing more damage to your hair. Both of these things make hair more dry. Try not to use styling tools and products regularly. To avoid over drying of hair, you can turn down the heat of the styling tool as much as you can.


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You can also treat them with a simple home remedy by applying coconut oil at night and shampoo and condition in the morning.

Are you guilty of repeating these habits? How well your tresses are cared?

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  1. Cool tips. I follow all of them. I clean my comb and brush at least once a week and use heat once in a blue moon 😀

    • That is so intelligent of you maitri 🙂 sadly, I wasn’t following any of them but after this post I learned so much.

  2. i already have hay like hair…!!! so no question of using heat styling tools…!! :-/
    u wont believe, when i was in school friends used to tease me saying that ” Don’t let your hair open..Cows will eat them thinking hay”

    • hahaha..i am sorry madhu but I can’t stop laughing on this 😛 you need to condition and oil them deeply. I am sure you must be doing it. I will be coming up with an diy article for hair like you mentioned. Read it. 😛

  3. I’m very particular about my hair so have been following all these tips and not even once have I touched hair styling tools, although I’m always tempted to….the only thing that spoilt my hair for a while was the dove conditioner and I have stopped using it and now the shine and health is back 🙂 a well researched post girl 🙂


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