3 Lipstick Experiments To Try This Week



3 Lipstick Experiments To Try This Week


Hey everyone, how are you? So are you enjoying the holiday season, well I am having exam fever. L but I have a lot of holidays in between so I have ample of time to try something in between my studies. So here are my favorite Lipstick Experiments that you should try this week. 🙂


Ombre Lips

Well whoever invented this I would like to Thank You on behalf of every Make-Up lover. This is a fabulous fabulous look and it is of medium difficulty level. So you have to practice it lot to get the look right. Ombre lips are really a result of your own creativity, it isn’t necessary to go darker to lighter or lighter to darker, you just need to create a hue to similar colors. Sometimes contrasting colors also look nice but they can look bit loud at the same time and that means difficult to wear. sometimes I wonder how people wear ombre lips in there day today life but I have reached to a conclusion now, if you have created it with finesse so that nobody can make out from where a particluar color is starting or ending (*like we blend our eyeshadows*) then you’ll have a fuller and great pout, which will flood you with compliments.

So girls take out all your lipsticks and lip brushes and just master it 🙂


Ombre Lips makeup


Mettalic Lips

Metallic lips are easy to do and more easy to sport at the night time. You just need to dab a matching shimmery eyeshadow on your lips and you’re ready to catch up all those disco and party lights on your lips. In the daytime metallic lips look really tacky. you can play with different color combinations while practicing metallic lips such as a gold dabbed on subtle pink, or even really contrasting colors can be used if you’re bold enough, I am even not comfortable in wearing bright red lips in the daytime so I just forget this idea for me :-D. But not all of you are likewise so try bolder and contrasting color combinations and do share the results with me :-*


mettalic lips


DIY- Lip Stain

I am sure all of you must have tried making your own colored lip balm from Vaseline, I have done it so many times and once I mixed honey in that just to get rid of my lip tan 😀 and the result is more funny than my experiment, all that honey didn’t mix with my lip balm and kept oozing out from the container I kept it in :-D. Okay! Let’s forget my stupidity and get on to something that’s achievable 😛

So lovelies, make your own Benetint this week 😛 It is very simple to do and really effective as a stain, and the color comes out really close to Benefit’s Benetint.

You just need to take a slice of Beetroot, 3-4 drops of lemon juice and a capsule of Vitamin E (optional).


Home made scalp treatment from beet root+home made recipe


Blend everything with a hand blender or grate the beet and mix everything in the end.

Squeeze the mixture or strain it to get your Tint 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this post and I’ll be back with more soon :-*

Are you trying out these lip experiments?

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  1. Ombre is my favorite..never tried metallic though..and preparing own benetint will be soooo fun..loved the post Ayushi

  2. Nice post!!!!! I would try metallic lips but ombre lips & benetint aren’t my cup of tea!!!
    Your posts are super fun to read babe:))

  3. I don’t think I can flaunt ombre lips sweety! I like the lip stain DIY and have tried it some time back! brilliant post Ayushi :-))


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