3 Most Common Summer Skin Woes And Their Remedies


3 Most Common Summer Skin Woes And Their Remedies



Oily skin,inflammation, combination patches and even dryness- summer brings with it a host of skin woes. Today, we will be dealing with 3 very common skin problems during summer andtheir homemade remedy, along with it I will be giving you a slight bit advice on what you can eat to treat such problems.


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It’s difficult to hide behind headscarves, hats and shades all day long, so now deal with these heat induced problems heads on!

Problem 1 – De-tanning

Sun blocks and anti tanning creams might fight harmful effects of heat on your skin, but to go safe and take the healthy route- go natural with a kitchen fix. Tomatoes can work wonders when it comes to healing sun-ridden skin. Tomatoes contain lycopene that helps fight sun burn and tanning. Apart from including it in your meals, one can directly apply tomatoes on the skin too.

Make a paste of yogurt, tomatoes, honey and lemon(which has bleaching properties) can help cancel out sun damage.


tomato for skin+home made face pack


Problem 2 – No inflammation

I don’t get tan easily even if I go without sunscreen or any cover. But redness is something my cheeks deny to leave. They get tomato red even in winters πŸ˜› and in summers my sensitive skin misbehaves with redness with results in acne or rashes sometimes. Redness and skin inflammation is typical due to rising heat. To fight off these ailments, you need mixes that can calm and cool your skin. A combination of ground cinnamon and honey can be a cure for infected skin, can help reduce redness and even help in combating the potency of an acne problem. One can take this paste orally or apply it on the skin for 10 minutes.

When fighting skin inflammation, take notice of all food allergies that you have because they act as double irritants in sweltering summer. Milk, when combined with cinnamon, is also advised for reducing redness. Again, if you dare to you can drink milk with added cinnamon or apply this mixture on your face. Make sure you don’t dilute it too much while applying on face.

There are also certain alternative routed that may go for, to fight skin irritation caused by the heat. From frozen tea bags to natural scrubs made from oatmeal or fruit packs. See what suits your skin best and go for it.

Problem 3 – Oil control

This is my number 1 problem. You might have known till now that I have super oily skin and my only aim is to control this excess oil. I go for a face pack regularly, which I will be sharing with you. Trust me, it is one in all pack and can take care of many problems. The primal, most common problem caused by summer heat is oily skin. Create natural mixes to balance out oil levels. My bet is on the easiest, most common fix, suited for almost all skin types, including those high on sensitivity.

In a small bowl, mix a generous helping of besan, lemon juice, rosewater and a few drops of milk to create a paste. Apply it on the face and once it dries up, remove with some old damp cloth or damp cotton pads. If you feel the need of moisturizer, you can go for your own DIY moisturizer at home with raw milk infused with some strands of saffron.


Besan and Curd Paste For Dandruff+dandruff remedies


This mix is beloved to have healing properties apart from the ability to remove excess oil, de-clog pores and even remove tan. If you wish, you can use a pinch of turmeric in the same mix to impart healthy glow on your face.

Apart from herbal weapons that come in the form of face packs, rethink your diet to fight skin woes.

Ò€’ No matter what, have breakfast daily and include acne fighting foods in it. If you like porridge, include all the seasonal fruits. Fruit high in water content like watermelon, strawberries, raspberries, bananas help in getting rid of skin breakouts. Have vegetables rich in fibre and antioxidants.

Ò€’ Say no to you sweet cravings. If you want to fight whiteheads, excess oil and acne ridden skin in summer, you have to curb your sweet urge and keep a tab on your carbohydrate intake. Stick to whole grains, proteins, vegetables and fruits and your skin will feel the difference.

Ò€’ Skip sodas, cokes and other high in calorie drinks. Beat the heat with homemade desserts or smoothies which are rick in antioxidants and are skin friendly. Like you can go for kale shake, some flavoured soy bean milk and fruit based shakes. Cut on tetra pack mixes, sodas and soft drinks.

I hope you like this and take the best of the care of your skin. πŸ˜€

Is there any other advise you wish to share?

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